The Get Visible 2024 Manifesto: 

Where Digital “Marketing” Meets “Sales” Synergy

2024 is almost here and if you have learned anything this year, it’s that the old ‘pass the baton’ approach between marketing and sales is as antiquated as dial-up internet. 

At Get Visible, we’ve torn up that playbook. 

Instead, we’ve crafted a forward looking strategy where marketing and sales are not just aligned but are fundamentally interwoven, especially when it comes to the data analytics surrounding your website creation, SEO, social media engagement, and PPC ads management efforts.

The Collaborative Approach

We’ve shifted from a linear handoff to a collaborative powerhouse. 

Our digital marketing doesn’t just generate leads; it sets the stage for sales success. From the moment a prospect interacts with your brand online, whether through a Google search that leads them to your SEO-optimized website or a targeted social media post that sparks engagement, we’re setting up for the sale.

The Digital Handshake: Your Website

Your website is the frontline soldier in the battle for business. 

It’s the digital handshake that greets every prospect. But it’s not just about looking pretty; it’s about being as functional as a Swiss Army knife. Our agency ensures that your site is not just a marketing tool, but a sales magnet—optimized for conversions, rich with analytics, and primed to turn visitors into leads.

The SEO Reconnaissance Mission

SEO isn’t just about playing nice with Google.

Search engine rankings are about laying down a breadcrumb trail for prospects that lead straight to your sales team’s door. You don’t need to just rank. You need to rank for specific targeted phrases. What you need is to ensure that the leads who find you are the ones who are ready to talk turkey. 

It’s about quality, not just quantity.

Social Media: The Town Square

Social media is where your brand gets to strut its stuff in the town square. 

This isn’t just about racking up likes; it’s about engagement that turns followers into customers. You need to craft social media campaigns that speak to both hearts and minds, ensuring that when sales step in, the conversation turns to conversion.

PPC: The Sniper’s Perch

PPC is your sniper’s perch in the digital landscape. 

Every ad, every keyword, every bid is a calculated shot aimed at your target market. You need a team that doesn’t just launch campaigns. You need to fine-tune them with military precision, ensuring that every dollar you spend is a bullet aimed at boosting your bottom line.

The Importance of Data

In our world, data is king and the glue that binds marketing and sales.

You need to leverage your data and refine your digital marketing strategies continually, ensuring that every SEO tweak, every social media campaign, and every PPC ad is not just a shot in the dark but a strategic move towards increasing sales and revenue.

The Impact of Misalignment

Why did we write this post today?

The reason is the damage of misalignment between marketing and sales.

Misalignment can also significantly impact the customer experience especially if you don’t , ensure that your strategies across all your marketing services are in sync.

Strategies for Alignment between You and Your Marketing Team

  1. Regular Interaction: Marketing and sales efforts are in constant dialogue, ensuring that each campaign we run is transparent and unified in approach.
  2. Shared Goals and Strategies: We set shared goals that align with your business objectives, whether it’s increasing website traffic, boosting engagement on social media, or driving sales through PPC.
  3. KPI Alignment: Your KPIs are designed to reflect the collaborative efforts of our marketing and sales initiatives, ensuring that we’re not just driving traffic but driving the right traffic that leads to revenues and sales.

Tips for Improving Alignment

  1. Measurement Alignment: Hold your marketing team accountable for not just the quantity of leads but also the quality and the revenue they bring in. Your focus should be on the entire sales pipeline, from the first click to the final sale.
  2. Targeting/Quality Alignment: Ensure that the leads generated from your SEO and PPC efforts are of the highest quality by regularly reviewing and adjusting your targeting criteria, in consultation with sales insights.
  3. Process Alignment: Have you established clear procedures for how leads are managed post-generation, ensuring that the handoff from marketing to sales is as smooth as a seamless web page transition?

Wrap Up

At Get Visible, we’re not just a digital marketing agency; we’re an end-to-end sales and marketing partner. 

Our integrated approach ensures that your website creation, SEO, social media engagement, and PPC ads management are not just individual services but parts of a cohesive strategy that drives sales. 

With us, you get more than visibility; you get a synergy that matters to your bottom line.