Manufacturers and Distributors Finally Embrace Digital Marketing

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We help manufacturers and distributors grow their companies by getting their websites more visible online.

Typically our services fall into 3 areas:

  1. Designing and coding a new eCommerce website.
  2. Search engine visibility
  3. Social media exposure

With regard to website development, there are interesting challenges for manufacturers and distributors that mostly relate to eCommerce platform requirements. If you want more information on how we can grow search engine traffic and social media exposure, you can check out our services pages.

This page includes different sections that can serve as guidelines for the type of functionality you should look for in an eCommerce store for your manufacturing or distribution company.

Whether you sell directly to consumers (B2C) or sell B2B to other businesses and channel partners (e.g. dealers, distributor networks, buying clubs and wholesalers), we are able to build you a website and devise a marketing strategy that positions you in front of the customers you need to reach.

Designing a site for a manufacturer who sells primarily business to business (B2B)  presents a different set of challenges than simply designing a standard eStore for an online retailer. One of the main differentiators in a B2B situation is the need for a quoting engine to manage quotes. Often in the B2B situation, the buyers need to get formal quotes that get turned into Purchase Orders. Therefore, the typical click to purchase model of most eCommerce shopping cart platform does not work.

Here are some of the main features your eCommerce platform should contain:

  • Make it easy for other websites to link to your product
  • Offer channel partners or affiliates a private label version of your website
  • Offer separate pricing if you want to sell directly to consumers
  • Use opt-in forms (not email addresses) to store leads
  • Dealer Locator search function integrated with Google Maps
  • Optimize website for search engine rankings
  • Floating navigation menu to make the whole site accessible
  • Quote forms that segment leads

What should be included in an ecommerce website designed for manufacturers and distributors?

  • A built-in Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to self-publish
  • Professionally designed website that is loads fast and is responsive
  • Custom designed image graphics and banners
  • Professionally written web copy
  • Search Engine Optimized (for Google and Bing organic rankings)
  • Integrate with Google Analytics traffic monitoring
  • Categories and subcategory capability for your catalog
  • Easy product upsale offers
  • Subscription signup for an email newsletter (for coupons and sales)
  • Connect your site to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Training classes and videos to guide you through managing your website

Product Catalog Features

  • Category listing page with grid view and listing view capability
  • Sort products by name, date, category or size
  • Individual product pages with added functionality
  • Zoom images to see items up close
  • Built-in HTML editor
  • Ability to connect items to each other for cross-selling
  • Best selling items display
  • Upload/download products in bulk (from an Excel file)
  • Dynamic cart contents for quick checkout

Website Security Features:

  • Secure usernames and passwords
  • Password recovery by email
  • SSL Encryption
  • Knowledge base (PDF’s, videos and Powerpoints)
  • Secure support center for help desk

For Dealers, Distributors and Locations

Visitors  need to be able to find where your products can be purchased, how to obtain local customer support, and how to find local distribution partners.

  • Location finder connected with a Google Maps function
  • Global Map showing all your locations
  • Directory style listing of locations with links to individual addresses
  • Distributor finder that helps people local a local provider or retailer

How do Manufacturers Grow Web Traffic and Generate Sales?

Building ongoing website traffic is a two-step process of driving people to the site and then bombarding them with a continuous reengagement marketing strategy that builds brand confidence and trust. Our design and integration team works closely with your sales and marketing staff to help you drive visitors to your site and convert the web traffic into new leads and eventually into customers.

The sites we build are geared to grow your business:

  • Search engine optimized web page URLs
  • News and industry section for fresh content
  • Dynamic quote request form
  • Newsletter signup form with autoresponder
  • Digital media galleries for photos and videos
  • Private area for customer knowledge base
  • CRM integration to sites like Salesforce
  • Social media for Facebook and Instagram
  • Google Maps integration

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