Charities, Educational Institutions and Nonprofit Organizations

Would You Like for More Visibility Online?

  • We are the outsourced marketing team that helps organizations (e.g. charities, schools, religious institutions and not-for-profit entities) to grow their donor support, member engagement, student populations and volunteer forces.
  • We focus on activities that grow donations, attract volunteers, and publicize each organization’s mission through online channels.

We can help you through our 3 core marketing services:

  1. Brand Strategy and Website Development
  2. Search Engine Advertising and Positioning
  3. Social Media Exposure and Engagement

We Execute Your Success Roadmap by Implementing a 6-Step Planning Matrix

How Can You Help Us Promote Our Organization Online?

We start by designing and building (or helping you refresh) a website that is mobile-ready, search engine optimized and eCommerce capable (if required). Your website should impress and engage people so that they will spend the time to learn about your mission, values, and purpose.

We can build you a brochureware type of website with basic web pages, a blog and a calendar or a fully-functioning eCommerce site to accept one-time or recurring donations and/or sell tickets to events or attract volunteers. If you need help figuring out what your options are, we can help you come up with a plan that fulfills your needs and goals.

Do You Prefer Specific CMS or eCommerce Platforms?

We have experience programming websites in WordPress, Shopify, Magento and Adrecom eSuite.

Whether we build you a website or you come to us with a website, we can get you more visible and noticed online. We will drive people to your website with search engine marketing and social media exposure and engagement activities.

Can You Customize a Marketing Program for Us?

We know that each nonprofit is unique.

Whether you follow a grant-based, donation-funded, or a social enterprise approach, we will find a solution that transforms your website into an income producing activity.

We can show you how to use your website for different purposes:

  • Keep supporters, stakeholders and volunteers updated on your mission.
  • Notify people about recent developments and events they can attend or volunteer for.
  • Publish content that gets picked up by search engines and social media sites

Let people know why your cause matters and how they can help. Even the press will appreciate how easy it is to find out information about your organization.

Do not be the last nonprofit in your area with an outdated website and nonexisting digital visibility strategy.