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What Will you learn

The P6 Business Development Recipe P6 is the underlying philosophy that contributes to an ongoing, profitable and sustainable business. P6 is essentially a recipe that includes SIX (6) high-level ingredients.

Watch me break things down into bite-size pieces and help you implement a step-by-step online lead generation strategy that will enable YOUR business to survive and thrive in good times and in bad ones too.

You will get a series of long-lasting ideas and lessons and a framework of tasks that can help you use the Internet to not only grow your business now but keep it growing year after year.


  • PACKAGE a clear and compelling offer
  • PRESENT this offer again and again
  • Target different groups of PEOPLE
  • Help people PERCEIVE they need what you are offering
  • Convince prospects to PREFER you over your competitors
  • Attract people that can PAY for your services
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If you feel that your business is only going to grow from your personal relationships, then this book isn’t for you. But, if you are ready to use digital tools like a website and Facebook page to grow your business, let’s talk.