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Who Are We?

The Get Visible branding and online marketing agency was founded by Jason Ciment and Michael Moshkovich in the early 2000’s. They are accomplished authors and SEO experts who have written numerous articles in leading publications such as, and ClickZ.

They wrote a best-selling do-it-yourself marketing book called “I Need More Clients” which is available on Amazon.

What Others Think

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GetVisible knows SEO and social media down cold. In the past we have used other firms to help us drive traffic, but GetVisible was able to get us traffic to our niche market where others failed. Highly recommended.

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It’s a pleasure working with LA Dezign’s responsive team. They deliver contemporary websites while maintaining an old-school service-oriented culture.

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I’m always looking for smart ways to grow my business, and this book is full of them! Must read for any business owner in professional services.

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Why You Should Work With Get Visible

With marketing and SEO agencies on practically every street corner, we know it’s difficult for you to make an educated and confident choice.

Here’s 6 Reasons to Choose Get Visible:


We started in SEO over 20 years ago!

Michael and Jason have been optimizing websites since the days of Excite, Altavista, and Yahoo. When they worked together in an ecommerce venture, they were the #1 ranked company for terms as generic as “magazine subscription service.”

In the late 1990’s, Jason hired Michael to run the SEO for his angel-funded venture offering magazine subscriptions to consumers, schools and businesses. They were able to outwit competitors that had 100x the spending power. If you want to stretch your SEO dollars, no one can do it better than them.

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We Wrote 2 Books on SEO Marketing

Our 1st book (“The SEO Timetable”) was written in 2005 and included a 120-day plan for building an optimized website. In 2018, we collaborated again to write “I Need More Clients” – which achieved bestseller status in 3 categories on Amazon.

Our book is a popular favorite among attorneys because of the many featured law firm examples we included in the book. We used examples of law firms and restaurants (yes we know they have nothing to do with each other) as launch pads to teach our digital marketing strategies.


We are more than a one-trick pony.

Since launching our agency we have added new employees almost every two years in order to expand our services. Our team now includes five divisions besides SEO covering website design and development, pay-per-click ad management (on search engines and social media sites),  social media engineering, and reputation management.

We may have started by offering SEO, but we didn’t stop there. Now we have the full range of digital marketing agency services. Whether you need a better, faster, mobile-friendly website or more traffic from rankings or optimized ads, we can help you to grow your web presence and visibility.

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Our process works and we can prove it.

For more than 15 years, we have been testing our ideas and documenting results so that we could turn them into validated and teachable processes for our team to implement. (Wow, wasn’t that a long sentence).

One of the examples of an internal process is our 6-Step “BOOTSTRAPS” SEO rankings system that is designed to protect your website rankings from algorithm changes and ranking fluctuations.

Bootstraps will help you transcend your competitors online and turn your invisible website into a dominant force on Google and Bing for lead generation.


Let us help you grow online

Team up with our agency and let us do the heavy lifting to grow your online visibility. It’s the smartest and most efficient decision you’ll ever make to bring us on board to manage your web presence efforts.

Get back the time to devote to being in your business. Leverage our entire agency and gain access to our graphic design team, content writers, social media marketing mavens, and our PPC ad experts.

Let’s not forget our founders Michael and Jason, the architects of the New Standard in Digital Marketing.

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We don’t have account managers.

When you work with Get Visible, you talk to one or both of the bosses. We don’t pass you off to mid-level managers or account reps that typically know nothing about the details of your account, let alone the services you are paying for. You get real access that matters to your bottom line.

Why should your fees be used to pay sales commissions? Did we mention that we don’t have salespeople? All our business comes from direct referrals or because people discover us naturally online or from a speaking engagement.

We even give out our cell phones and our emails because once you are on board, we are really on board too. We call it the C.A.R.E. program where every client can be assured of a relationship founded on Consistency, Authenticity, Reliability, and Effectiveness.

This page highlights six of the many ways we are different from other marketing agencies.
Take a look at our Bootstraps program below as one of the many examples of the type of methods we deploy for clients.

Learn about BOOSTRAPS – our SEO Rankings formula

Our strategy is uniquely focused on reaching your clients where they use the Internet now.

Here’s how the process looks:

Study Competitors – We analyze your competitors to discover keywords they are promoting in their organic search engine rankings and to identify backlinking opportunities.

Technical Optimization – We will work inside your website on writing meta-tags, testing schema architecture, inserting header tags, and increasing website page loading speed.

Relevant Keywords – We use software applications, artificial intelligence and human analysis to build a list of long-tail keyword phrases to be inserted into your website content assets that include web pages, blogs, articles, infographics, videos and images.

Audience Focus – We will integrate compelling messaging with an intuitive and engaging user experience (UX) that speaks to each audience segment you are targeting.

Partnering with Influencers – The open secret to rankings is getting the best backlinks pointing to your website. We will work with strategic partners to get you authoritative and powerful links.

Sharing Content – We will help you develop an editorial content calendar to publish social media status updates, blog posts, articles, whitepapers, infographics and videos. And then we’ll help you syndicate and promote that content online.

Our Results

Here’s a small sample of the results we’ve helped companies achieve:

Supplement Company

More Traffic

Learn how we increased a supplement company’s organic search traffic by 93% through optimizing their technical and UX performance and by executing an effective SEO content strategy.

Reminder Call Company

More Traffic

Learn how we increased a B2B tech company’s organic search traffic by 100% by acquiring relevant, high quality backlinks.

Data Center Company

More Traffic

Learn how we increased a B2B tech company’s organic search traffic by 100% by acquiring relevant, high quality backlinks.