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    Who Are We?

    Get Visible is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and was founded by Michael Moshkovich and Jason Ciment. Jason and Michael are nationally recognized SEO experts who have been featured for almost 2 decades in major publications such as,, and ClickZ.

    Their do-it-yourself SEO and digital marketing book “I Need More Clients” is also an Amazon best-seller.

    What Others Think

    GetVisible knows SEO and social media down cold. In the past we have used other firms to help us drive traffic, but GetVisible was able to get us traffic to our niche market where others failed. Highly recommended.

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    Elluma Discovery

    It’s a pleasure working with LA Dezign’s responsive team. They deliver contemporary websites while maintaining an old-school service-oriented culture.

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    Proactive Marketing, Inc.

    Michael is a tremendous asset to growing our legal practice. He’s a true SEO expert. We’ve hired quite a few agencies over the years and we only regret we didn’t hire his team sooner.

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    Mariano Rodriguez
    J.D. (UCLA School of Law)

    Why You Should Work With Get Visible

    With marketing and SEO agencies on practically every street corner, we know it’s difficult for you to make an educated and confident choice.

    Here’s 6 Reasons to Choose Get Visible:


    We Have Been Doing SEO Since 1997!

    Jason and Michael were optimizing websites before Google was an option. They broke their teeth getting search engine rankings on websites like Altavista, Excite, and eventually Yahoo. Jason’s first online business selling magazine subscriptions ( was outranking other competitors with ridiculously high war chests as high as $100 million dollars. Their approach to SEO is literally almost as old as SEO itself.

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    We Wrote Two Books on SEO

    We wrote our first book called “The SEO Timetable” back in 2005 where we laid out a step-by-step 120 day plan for optimizing your website. We did it again in 2018 when we wrote “I Need More Clients” – which has been featured as a bestseller in multiple business categories on Amazon. That book has a been a particular favorite of lawyers because of all the featured law firm examples in the book.


    We Are Big Thinkers Who Do Way More than Just SEO

    We are not a one-trick pony who just knows how to go in a very sad circle. Sure, we started our agency with just SEO, but we quickly realized that true growth comes from adapting to market changes and opportunities. Like a surgeon that is trained in multiple surgical disciplines, we use our digital scalpels to cut away the fluff and craft ranking and traffic campaigns that other agencies only wish they could duplicate. We are uniquely focused on getting you SEO results.

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    We Use a Recognized, Time-Tested Organic Rankings Formula

    For more than 10 years, we tested ideas, verified results and changed our processes until we finally developed what we call the “STRAPS” program (see below on this page) for SEO rankings. Our 6-step formula for conquering Google is something we will put to work for you when we use the power of digital alchemy to transform your invisible website into a visible lead generating revenue machine. The best part of our recipe for rankings is that it relies on “Evergreen” strategies that tend to outlast algorithmic changes and fluctuations.


    You Can Run Your Business While We Grow Your Business

    When you team up with Get Visible to grow your visibility footprint, you are not just getting rankings. You are getting back the time you need to devote to your business. Our team is more than just a person at a PC in a home garage overseas. You are getting access to a fully staffed agency with all the trimmings including in-house graphic designers, content managers, social media marketing gurus, website developers and of course Jason and Michael, the architects of the New Standard in Digital Marketing.

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    We Give You Facetime

    Facetime is not just an app in the iPhone app store. Facetime is the difference between talking to a person that “knows” your business versus talking to a person who has heard of your business. We do not employ “account reps” who are your point of contact – which is another way of saying you never get to talk to the bosses. We give out our cell phones and our personal emails. Our people are available to you when you need us. We of course emphasize healthy work, life balance which is why we have more vacation time than most companies. But that comes with a belief that clients don’t have to always be right, but they have to be heard and understood and above all treated with Consistency, Authenticity, Reliability, and Effectiveness.

    Now that you understand six compelling reasons that describe how we separate ourselves from the overwhelming number of SEO marketing agencies, we are going to share with you the methods we will use to help you grow your business online.

    Our Proven 6-step SEO T.R.A.P.S Formula

    Our strategy is uniquely focused on reaching your clients where they use the Internet now.

    Here’s how the process looks:

    steps 1

    Study Competitors – We analyze your competitors to discover keywords they are promoting in their organic search engine rankings and to identify backlinking opportunities.

    steps 2

    Technical Optimization – We will work inside your website on writing meta-tags, testing schema architecture, inserting header tags, and increasing website page loading speed.

    steps 3

    Relevant Keywords – We use software applications, artificial intelligence and human analysis to build a list of long-tail keyword phrases to be inserted into your website content assets that include web pages, blogs, articles, infographics, videos and images.

    steps 4

    Audience Focus – We will integrate compelling messaging with an intuitive and engaging user experience (UX) that speaks to each audience segment you are targeting.

    steps 5

    Partnering with Influencers – The open secret to rankings is getting the best backlinks pointing to your website. We will work with strategic partners to get you authoritative and powerful links.

    steps 6

    Sharing Content – We will help you develop an editorial content calendar to publish social media status updates, blog posts, articles, whitepapers, infographics and videos. And then we’ll help you syndicate and promote that content online.

    Our Results

    Here’s a small sample of the results we’ve helped companies achieve:

    Supplement Company


    More Traffic

    Learn how we increased a supplement company’s organic search traffic by 93% through optimizing their technical and UX performance and by executing an effective SEO content strategy.

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    Reminder Call Company


    More Traffic

    Learn how we increased a B2B tech company’s organic search traffic by 100% by acquiring relevant, high quality backlinks.

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    Data Center Company


    More Traffic

    Learn how we increased a supplement company’s organic search traffic by 256% through optimizing their website and building their site’s authority though intelligent link building.

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