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Here’s the bottom line. If there is business to be had in your local community, then you need local rankings to beat your competition.

We will show you how to stop wasting time on national marketing tactics and learn what it takes to rank locally.

What's Behind our Local SEO Services

  • Local Citations

  • Meta Tag Audit

  • Website Content Audit

  • Link Structure Audit

  • Online Reputation Review

  • Backlink Review

  • Website Speed Audit

  • Local Schema Audit

  • Google Analytics Audit


Get Ranked Locally On Google and Bing

Below are 6 categories of Local SEO deliverables.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting

Get your business address and website listed for keyword searches in relevant neighborhoods and cities.

Backlink Growth

Backlink Growth

Grow your Domain Authority score by acquiring relevant and powerful backlinks.

Geo Targeted Images

Geo Targeted Images

We can add photos to your GMB profile that include latitude and longitude details embedded inside the files.

Address Citations

Address Citations

We get your business listed properly on web directories that can impact rankings.

Competitor Review

Competitor Review

Analyzing what we can learn from competitors who are doing well promoting themselves online.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We create and promote compelling blogs, articles, infographics and videos.

Become More Visible In Your Local Community

Not all SEO techniques are created equal, and some are downright dangerous to your business. There We can build up your local profile and get your office address attached to your brand and get you ranked in your neighborhood, city and state.

  • We will get you more citation listings.
  • We will validate your NAP consistency.
  • We will optimize your website for SEO.
  • We will verify schema coding on your site.

Local SEO Rankings are about much more than just ranking your physical address.

We will work on optimizing your website speed, meta-tags, header tags, title tags, Google analytics, Google webmaster errors, backlinks, internal links and other factors that affect your Bing and Google 3-pack Map listings and regular search engine rankings.
are a lot of obsolete techniques being used today that can damage your website and credibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about SEO. Well, we have answers.

If you have a website that depends on local business, improving your national search engine rankings won’t help you much. Your goal needs to be for your website to become visible to the community around you. This is why local rankings matter so much.

A citation is a business address listing that appears on a website. It usually includes the name of your business, your company address, and company phone number. Another name for a local citation is “NAP.” Citation listings for your business should all contain EXACTLY the same information (in addition to being accurate). Search engine algorithms compare every detail on a citation listing. Our Citation Audit will review the listings we can find to ensure that you have no typos or other disqualifying information that might impact local SEO efforts.

  • Location Citations
  • Meta Tags
  • Link Structure
  • Google+ Page
  • Backlinks
  • Website Speed
  • Local Schema
  • Google Analytics

  • OUR APPROACH: We check NAP information on website directories that list your physical address details. We also look on Google for these NAP items:

    Phone number variations. Examples include: (###) ###-#### and ###-###-### Business name variations (ex. with Inc. and without Inc.) Searches for business partners who work together in the same company Check that your NAP listing on Google and Google MAPS is correct. Validate that your Google My Business is tethered to your website.

    We also look for your business listing on top citation and niche or local directories such as Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, CitySearch, Superpages, and DexKnows. This is another way you can get your local citation listings validated.

    If your business listing has not been officially registered (“claimed” on a website directory, we can claim the listing for your business. You will then have the ability to edit and update your listings if details change (such as moving locations).

  • Do you monitor customer reviews and ratings on popular review sites such as Google, Yelp and Facebook?
  • There are tools you can purchase to aid in this process, including Trackur, Synup and Social Mention.
  • We can also help you respond to reviews and questions online.
  • We review your website Meta Tags for conversion purposes since they are often displayed on the listings of Search Engine Results Pages (also known as SERPs).
  • A second test is to validate that your main keywords appear in the Meta Title Tag.
  • We also want to make sure that what appears is at least human readable – i.e., not just a list of keywords.
  • Location-specific pages should include city and state references.
  • Your Meta Description should be written in sentence format and up to a maximum number of characters.
  • There should be a unique Meta Title Tag and Description for each unique page.
  • We generally use Google Webmaster Tools to identify duplicate content in your meta tags.
  • We review your website content to avoid duplicate content (both inside your site and on other websites too). Your web pages should contain unique and original content with keyword phrases naturally appearing inside the content.
  • We use tools like SiteLiner and CopyScape to discover content that has likely been copied from other websites.
  • Because you need to insert relevant keyword phrases into your web copy to attract search engine rankings, we apply a few tests to determine if your writing methods will trigger any content penalties. We advise clients to alternate the use of similar keywords by varying syntax and applying synonyms.
  • If you are struggling to come up with keyword phrases to embed into your content, we can do keyword research and competitor website analysis to create a keyword library for your internal usage.
  • URLs (i.e., website addresses) should be keyword rich. If you are using WordPress, make sure you activate Permalinks.
  • URLs should be human readable because it will reduce higher bounce rates, which occur when people click the wrong link.
  • We use a sitemap tool like XML-Sitemaps.com to create a list of all your website URLs.
  • This is a great tool to keep in your SEO arsenal.
  • URLs with multiple words should be joined together with dashes (-) rather than underscores or no spaces at all. Underscores are used in coding language; Google doesn’t treat underscores as word-separators but does for dashes.
  • Consider using a “Flat Link Architecture” for your site links so that you don’t have a sitemap that includes many levels of pages. Think of this as NOT having a file cabinet with folders inside even more folders.
  • If we are doing a backlink audit, we will first assemble a list of the web pages that link to your website.
  • We will then check the quality of those backlinks to see if we can identify low-grade websites that we should tell Google to disavow.
  • Google Webmaster Tools can also help in this regard if you use the Search Traffic feature.
  • Google wants fast loading pages – often under 4 seconds.
  • Google’s page speed insight tool is useful in our process to validate page speed.
  • Schema is web coding on each page that tells Google about specific parts of your page content. We will review schema architecture, which also has an impact on Google’s Knowledge Graph.
  • We also use Google’s Webmaster Tools’s Structured Data Testing Tool during this audit step.
  • We will make sure your site has the Google Analytics code on each page you want to track. Check the configuration at http://www.gatective.com.
  • With advanced tag implementation, you can monitor how your site performs with lead generation, sales activity and high performing pages.
  • Get Visible With Our Local SEO Experts

    If your website isn’t optimized for local SEO, you may not be visible to the traffic that matters.