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We work with physicians and healthcare organizations like medical practices, surgery centers and vein therapy centers to help them attract more patients and referrals through digital marketing and online web presence management.

Your journey to a growing practice starts with a modern looking, high-functioning website because such a website is just as crucial to a healthcare organization in the same way that a mobile phone is critical to a teenager.

If you are a surgeon looking for patients, you will find more than you can handle on Google and Bing search engines and social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn), not in yellow page ads or magazines.

If you want more referrals from existing patients and other doctors, you will need a mobile responsive website to be the most effective.

Here is how doctors get more patients with online marketing.

Think of it this way: someone is ill or needs surgery and they are at one doctor looking for a referral or out for coffee with a friend complaining about the pain or their illness. The sick person is told to “go see a certain doctor” with a specific specialty who has an office nearby.

Person goes to Google and types in the doctor’s name with the city to find the doctor’s contact information.

The thing is that this entire process typically happens on a mobile device.

Therefore, a medical provider needs a “mobile first” designed website that works well on an iPhone or Android phone or tablet device.

Practice managers often come to us to design a digital brand presence that reflects the messaging, values and reputation that attracts patients. We translate these 3 requirements into a new visual representation of your healthcare practice.

We will custom build a professional looking site that guides prospective patients (and other doctors who can make referrals) into your “sales” funnel where you can move them through the site with the goal of capturing their contact information so you can connect with them more personally. It’s a long sentence but it describes the gist of what a high performance website can do for your medical practice.

Growing Traffic Means Growing Patients

Once you have a website, now you need traffic.

One of the first tasks is to evaluate how you will attract people to your site and grow your piepline of patient leads. Browse through our menu of marketing services to understand more about our search engine marketing and social media engagement services.

If you want your website to be found when people type your name or your type of medical specialty into Google or Bing, you need to ensure your website is also optimized for search engine rankings.

The more you invest into your website content (blogs, articles, case studies, before and after photos and videos) to educate prospective patients and doctors, the greater your ability to keep visitors interested in learning more about who you are, what kind of medical services you provide and what types of patients you support.

Prospects, leads and referral partners will visit your site to validate what they have heard about you online or from friends. They can practically sell themselves that they are in the right place for their medical needs if your website does a good job of convincing them that you have the ability and capability and the resources to help them.

Talk to us today about building an online presence for you that is optimized for online traffic AND that tells your story with text, images and color schemes that reflect the brand values and reputation you want to portray.

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