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Would you imagine that a thriving marketing agency would be founded by a former attorney (and CPA) and a city college graduate more than 15 years ago?

The story makes sense when you learn that our founders (Michael and Jason) were precocious kids known for finding creative ways to figure things out.

Whether it was building model airplanes, solving Rubik's cube, competing in high school chess, or debating in college, they took this passion for problem solving into their professional lives with a drive to acquire knowledge, develop expert skills and compete at the highest levels.

Want to know what makes our agency tick, and why it’s vastly different than most other marketing firms? Scroll to learn about our very unusual story.

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What Was Our Mission?

We launched our agency with an audacious goal which we called the dare to C.A.R.E.

We built a team of talented and experienced professionals that were excited to put clients first before the temptations of revenues and profits.

We crafted a culture that also respected a heathy work-life balance.

We embraced self-starters who took pride in and were motivated by the quality of their performance.

  • The wheel to the right encapsulates our 4 core values.

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We Redefined Success

The mandate of a fast-paced digital economy requires that you outpace competitors by ...

  • Embracing transformation
  • Achieving transcendence
  • Producing more transactions

The secret to our market penetration success formula is based on a recipe of listening well, adapting quickly and responding with force. Sort of like Cobra Kai meets Mr. Miyagi.

Without the shackles of typical attitudes such as “it’s always been done this way,” we were able to discover the unbridled success that comes from thinking and doing differently than our peers.

Though we launched our agency initially with a focus on search engine rankings, our family of agency services now includes:

  • website development and hosting
  • online reputation management
  • digital advertising, and
  • social media visibility and engagement on properties like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

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We Got Lucky

We say we got lucky because we figured out early what the best companies know - that the right people on your team make all the difference.

We couldn’t just say we dare to CARE without backing it up. We injected that belief system into our company culture from day one.

Over the years we have attracted employees who started their professional careers with us. We got to mold them as just as much as they molded us in return.

This same back and forth exchange also has worked with employees who brought their prior experiences to the table. We constantly learn how things were done where they worked before and we have used their life and work experiences to improve our own workplace environment for everyone on the team.

Clients feel this energy too which is why so much of our business comes from client referrals.

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You Can Stop Looking Elsewhere For Help

If you want more visibility online, let's talk.

We can help you grow your brand presence through digital marketing.

These are the types of outcomes we produce every day:

  • Lawyers get more cases
  • Surgeons see more patients
  • Businesses sell more products
  • Manufacturers sell more inventory
  • Nonprofits grow their donor lists

If you are tired of doing the same old routine and you want to make a change to your digital strategy, then call us (877) SEO-4050!

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Meet Our Executive Team

Natalie Takuma
Natalie Takuma
Head of Design
Emily Meaney
Emily Meaney
Social Media Director
Jessie Jo Pauley
Jessie Jo Pauley
Social Media Specialist
Lauren Epler
Lauren Epler
Senior Content Manager
Michael Perez
Michael Perez
SEO & Rep Management Specialist
Hannah Kerns
Hannah Kerns
Social Media & Design Intern