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Paid Social Advertising And Remarketing Reduces CPL by 20x

Social Media Campaign reduced lead acquisition cost 20x from $100 to $5.00 per subscriber

Client: Non-profit Media Organization

Problem: Reduce costs to acquire subscribers (to newsletter)

  • 3 years average cost of $100+ per lead cost for newsletter subscribers (ie. too high a cost).
  • Low quantity and poor quality of subscribers during the last 3 years.
  • “Paper marketing” (e.g., letters in the mail and printed media ads) is too expensive.
  • Client is spending hundreds of dollars on engagement boosts for Meta posts.
  • No remarketing program is in place to bring people back to their site or social channels.
  • Can they acquire subscribers for less money using other methods?

Solution: Create a new acquisition strategy using social media engineering

  • Develop a plan that also reduces the acquisition cost for each subscriber lead.
  • Outreach Strategy
    • Remarketing ads to drive people back (who’ve already engaged with their content/page).
    • Targeted Paid Social Media ads tailored to specific audiences.
  • Messaging strategy: Educate and inform. Why they should subscribe (i.e. join the community).

Results: Acquisition Costs improved by 20x, and subscriber quality is much better

  • Old cost per subscriber was over $100.00
  • New cost per subscriber is under $5.00
  • Subscriber quality is much better. (Overall 2.5% click through rate and 0 unsubscribes)

Results (June 2022 – March 2023) – 10 mo.

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