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7 Ways to Beat Your Competition

  1. Publish a fantastic looking site in WordPress
  2. Insert the best keywords in your website content
  3. Analyze our in-depth competitor research
  4. Turn-key, profitable PPC ad campaigns
  5. Watch your social media channels fill up
  6. Become an authority brand online
  7. Measure increased traffic and website conversions

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Why Hire “Get Visible”?

  • Your brand recognition is underwhelming
  • Your referral rates are declining yearly
  • You are faced with a dwindling number of cases

We have been doing digital marketing for over 20 years.
We will grow your leads, so you can focus on being a great lawyer.

Let Us Be Your Digital Marketing Solution

Creative Web Design Services

  • Your optimized website will pull visitors into your site.
  • Your conversion funnels will get you more leads.

Search Engine Optimization Experts

  • You will get new clients if you are first in Google and Bing
  • The right keyword rankings will bring you the right clients

Local Rankings on Google and Bing

  • We’ll get your website ranked with Local SEO tactics.

Lower Pay-Per-Click Ad Costs

  • Our efficient PPC campaigns will get you leads quickly.
  • Jump on timely opportunities ahead of your competitors
  • Build class action cases in days with a PPC ad campaign.

We Do Branding, Marketing and Positioning

Promote Your Brand Online

  • Gain insights into trending topics.
  • We’ll give you the topics to write about.
  • Learn what articles people want to read.
  • Attract, engage and convert the right people.
  • Hire us to write content for you

Engage More Through Social Media

  • We will keep your brand messaging alive.
  • We’ll make your brand relevant with current news.
  • We work on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • We also extend your reach on LinkedIn.

Showcase Expertise with Videos

  • Don’t lag behind other law firms that have already started on their video strategy
  • Our video marketers are equipped with the skillset to produce compelling videos.
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3 Reasons to Work with Get Visible

Unmatched Dedication

Our growth is tied to yours. From verifying content by a legal expert to ensuring extensive keyword research, our commitment is what fuels our success.

Industry Exclusivity

We are very loyal to our clients. If we’re working with you, your competition is our competition. We grant you the exclusive right to work with us in your vicinity.

Unhinged Customer Service

You’ll never have to chase us about the blog we promised to write or remind us of the social media post you wanted to share – if we commit, we deliver.



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