Why User Experience (UX) is Important for Your Website

In the past, it seemed as if only bigger businesses and companies had well-designed websites based around their industries. Even operating a lemonade stand likely requires a properly designed website to survive in today’s world. As everyone spends most of their time on their mobile devices and computers, it is important to put yourself and your business in front of the eyes of potential customers so they know you exist and can choose to do business with you. 

So many companies think that all they need to do to be successful is optimize their websites, so they appear within the top search results on Google, and their job is finished. The reality is, getting people to your website is only the first step. 

Once a user gets to your website, then this is where you have a chance to sell them on your product or service. Just as you would present a brick-and-mortar store in an organized and pleasing way, you should think to do the same with your website so users feel confident in doing business with you. 

If your website looks like it was thrown together in five minutes without helpful information or media such as photos or videos, then you are not only losing a potential customer, you are likely also hurting your brand as a whole.

User Experience Explained

user experience explained User Experience (UX) refers to how a user will ‘experience’ your website when visiting it. The way your website looks and functions will influence how a user will see your website, interact with your website, and use your website to solve a problem of some kind. 

If your website does not appear correctly on mobile devices and is only optimized for a desktop user, then this can be a huge detractor for business and can tarnish your reputation as a brand and business. Mobile users expect their online experiences to be easy and entertaining; it is your responsibility to ensure they have a great user experience.

If you sell clothing or shoes, for example, then the way your website looks and operates will have a direct impact on whether that user will ultimately buy anything from you. Is it easy to locate products for sale on your website? Are your products organized in a way that they are easy to get to? Do you have professional, high-resolution photos and videos to market your products for sale? Do you explain your company’s story and purpose to potential customers on your website? To make sure you maximize your potential online sales, then you want your website to answer these questions with a resounding ‘Yes!’ 

The Differences Between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are often used interchangeably, but they are different in a distinct way. The UI of a website refers to the actual structure and design of a website and how it sets the roadmap for a user. Where you place call-to-action buttons and links to articles and other information is part of your website’s UI. It is basically impossible to have a positive UX without a well-designed UI. 

The UI of your website should both consider what a user will naturally do when viewing your website and help encourage them towards connecting with you, making a purchase, or achieving whatever the objective of your website is. Make sure you seek professional and experienced help in designing and implementing the UI of your website; it will help you significantly in the long run. 

Important Statistics Related to User Experience

The UX on your website will often play a significant role in whether the user will choose to do business with you or not. In determining how to nurture a great UX, it is important to consider the following user statistics:

  • More than 50% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds viewing a website
  • Nearly 50% of website visitors will leave a website that loads or operates slowly
  • Over 90% of website visitors who don’t trust a website indicate that its design is the main reason why

Making your website easy to navigate and having strong original content is critical to the user experience, and in turn, your business presence online. A great UX will more consistently lead to higher conversion rates and a more successful website that actually brings you business instead of potentially deterring it. 

Factors that Make a Website Have a Great User Experience

user experience factorsIf you want to make sure that your website’s visitors have a great UX, then it is important to consider the following factors, which include:

  • Well-written and relevant content that is continually updated – Make sure you only use high-resolution photos and videos that you own the rights to. If you have a blog, make sure you include current and relevant topics that are not plagiarized from other sites.
  • A simple interface that is easy to use – Don’t make your website hard to use. The more complicated your website, the more likely a user will give up and look elsewhere.
  • Factors that ensure credibility such as an SSL certificate – Users are looking to give you their personal information such as name, address, and credit card. An SSL certificate can go a long way in earning that trust. 
  • Automated help or direct access to real human help – Users want to feel that your company is alive and ready to help if there are any problems. Having an automated chatbot or access to a company representative will go a long way towards a great UX.

If you follow the steps listed above, then you are well on your way to ensuring that your website’s visitors will have a positive UX. Having a positive UX can result in many benefits to your business, including increased customer satisfaction, increased SEO traffic, and an overall increase in the return on your investment into the website itself. 

Building a great UI now will not only give you an edge over your competition but will also reduce your development costs down the road. Make sure you have the best UX possible on your company’s website.

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