We Build Wordpress Websites

WordPress websites are pretty much the industry standard for commercial grade and professionally designed websites. If your business does not need a catalog or shopping cart, then the WordPress CMS solution can be a great choice for your website backbone.

Our CEO has been working online since 1996 and has seen many web platforms come and go through the years. What has made WordPress a success is similar to what happened with Microsoft Excel when it killed Lotus 123. It’s the User Community and all the tens of thousands of programmers worldwide who keep the platform growing each year by writing custom scripts and creating plugins that expand its core capability and security.

Here is a list of benefits we can provide you when we build your website in WordPress.

  • Because the system is Open Source, it means that you get all the source code we have access to. If you fire us or we separate even under good terms, you can take it all with you and easily find another website developer to maintain your website.
  • In addition to the HTML editor that is included with every website in WordPress, we also create a custom tutorial for YOUR website. This tutorial will guide you on how to update your website content. You will be able to add photos and videos in your digital media center, or submit a blog post or a news item.
  • We install WordPress plugins that facilitate the administration of your site.
  • We also activate security plugins to prevent hackers from gaining access. These plugins are your digital guards to block hacking attempts routinely.
  • Because search engine rankings are so attractive, we also configure scripts that make your site more search engine friendly.
  • We can get pages to load more rapidly by using CACHING technology that speeds up your website. Also good for Google rankings growth.
  • We also give you the ability to instantly add a YouTube video to the site (also reduces your bandwidth costs).
  • If you need a blog, we’ll get that running as well and it will match the look and feel of your main website too. Plus, we can set up the blog to auto-syndicate the content to other websites.
  • We build our websites to be responsive and mobile friendly. This means your site will look great on iPhone, Android device, Tablet or large screen monitor.
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