Website Maintenance Services

We offer website maintenance services (described below) on an hourly basis ($125/hr) or based on monthly packages of hours that can be purchased on a monthly basis. We generally offer two packages for a commitment of hours towards the services listed below. We can customize a package if these 2 options do not fit your needs:

Package 1: $375/mo for 4 hours ($350/mo for six month commitment)
Package 2: $750 for 10 hours ($700/mo for six month commitment)

Services Provided
• Assistance with content publishing (for websites and/or social media sites)
• Graphic design (including logos, website graphics and social media graphics)
• System administration like email account creation and back up management
• Custom programming for extending WordPress functionality
• Project definition, information architecture and management time
• System configuration, 3rd party integration, 3rd party hosting issues, system modules customization
• Modules configuration, data export, and content transfer and publishing
• HTML/CSS manipulation including cutting Photoshop designs with styling, scripting, and modules adaptation into the design and for sophisticated modules and templates configuration, java scripting, JQvery, pop ups, sophisticated forms, searches

Response Times for Clients on a Maintenance Plan
• 24-72 hour response time with ongoing non-emergency issues
• 8 hour response with emergency during business day hours
• 16 hour response with emergency during non-business day hours

Response Times for Clients NOT on a Maintenance Plan
• To be determined on a case by case basis

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