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illustration showing ranking factors for search engine optimization

Top Reasons Your Website Isn’t Reaching the First Page

It’s frustrating to put massive effort into crafting a website only for it to get buried in search engine results. You probably feel like it should be showing up way higher than it does, but all you see is your competitors’ sites. What gives?  Well, don’t panic just yet because this situation can be rectified. …

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content writing illustration for marketing on a blue background

Why Choosing the Right Content Writer Is Important

Writing effective content marketing is akin to being a tightrope walker. The writer must satisfy the almighty algorithm with the right number of keywords, effective meta descriptions, useful backlinks, well-structured internal links, and an ideal word count — among other essentials.  But a blog can’t just be a dry list of keywords to shoot to …

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someone searching for search engine optimization on google

How to Improve Your SEO

Every business wants its website to stand out among the competitors found on search engines like Google. The good news is that ranking higher doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to know a few things about search engine optimization (SEO).  Understanding the basic strategies of SEO can drastically improve your ranking, bringing in …

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search engine optimization being relevant in 2022

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2022?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and has been extremely important for any website to rank high on search engines like Google and generate internet traffic. As search engines change their algorithms, website owners are forced to adapt to the changes so they can continue to be recognized and highly visible online. Certain types of content …

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defining anchor text with get visible digital marketing

Defining Digital Marketing with GetVisible: What is Anchor Text?

Many variables influence how your website ranks against others on Google. Between SEO, links, and original content, Google uses many data points to determine which websites should be viewed as an authority and higher quality when compared to others. One important part of any website and its digital marketing is anchor text. Understanding how anchor …

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someone searching in google to get continuous scrolling results

What is Continuous Scrolling, and How Can it Affect SEO?

If you own a business, then you understand the importance of making sure people can find your business efficiently so you can make money. As more and more companies base their businesses online, having a robust online presence is vital to the health and survival of a company.  The online marketplace is constantly evolving, and …

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