- This is an Exclusive Time-Sensitive Offer for Law Firms - Get More Clients With A Faster and Better Performing Website

- This is an Exclusive Time-Sensitive Offer for Law Firms - Get More Clients With A Faster and Better Performing Website


First things first. This is a private page with an offer for attorneys that is not publicly available. You are one of the first people to see this service. The only way you got to this page is if we are connected on LinkedIn AND you were intrigued (and bothered) by the website performance report my team prepared and sent to you.

Did you see the GTmetrix score on the website audit report? If your score was a B or worse, you should be pissed that you have a website with pages that load slowly. Keep reading this page to learn how a faster website will get more clients from the same traffic.

Did the GTmetrix Speed report grab your attention?

I wanted to incentivize you to get to really know more about Getvisible and the digital marketing agency services we offer to lawyers help grow their law practices. Here was my thinking.

  • If I could show you serious problems with your website performance, would that grab your attention?
  • If I could then offer you a whopping carrot of an opportunity to fix those problems (at a ridiculously low cost) would that get your juices flowing?

I have cherry-picked specific attorneys from my LinkedIn relationships who have GTmetrix scores that are in the crapper. This means you could be losing clients to other lawyers who have better websites.

Would you like to see how your site can be improved? Use the before & after slider tool below.

After Before

Hey, if your law practice is all referral-based then don't go any further. You probably don't need our services because your website speed may not matter. Though, even a referrals-based law practice should probably have a fast website just to provide a great user experience for people who are referred to your website.


I may no longer practice law, but heck, I understand the challenges lawyers go through to get new clients. Between early-morning and late-night networking, speaking engagements, search engine marketing and all different types of advertising, it is really time-consuming and expensive to get new clients.


You know what sucks even more than the costly investment to get each prospect to visit your site? Losing leads because of stupidity, ignorance, and oversight related to your website performance.

Keep reading to see what my team is offering to do for law practices.

This Program Is Just For Law Firm Websites Click Each Tab To See How We Will Speed Up Your Site


GTmetrix Speed Testing
Google Speed Testing
Server Configuration Audit
Server Response Time Reduction
HTTP(S) Request Reduction
"Bad" Request Avoidance
Query String Removal
Secure HTTPS Setup
HTTP/2 Implementation
Consistent URL Resource Serving
Proper Environment Hosting Transfer
CDN Configuration


Browser Caching
Full-Page Caching
Memory Caching
Fragment Caching
Object Caching
OpCode Caching
Cache Validating
Gzip Compression
Request Sizy Minimizing


CMS Structure Optimization
CMS Performance Analysis
Visible Content Prioritization
Page Structure Optimization
CMS Plugin Audit
Plugin Updating


Size Dimension Setup
Lazy Loading
File Size Reduction
CSS Sprite Optimization
Mobile Experience Optimizaiton


Unused Code Consolidation
HTML Minification
CSS Minification
JavaScript Minification
JavaScript & CSS Load Ordering
Header CSS Optimization
@import CSS Avoidance
JavaScript Parsing
JavaScript & CSS Render-Blocking
Early Character Setting
CSS & JavaScript Combination
PHP Configuration
Inline CSS Setup
GTM Configuration


Redirection Reduction
Link Placement Optimization
Landing Page Redirection Avoidance
301 Redirect Optimization
404 Error Analysis & Rectification

40% of people abandon websites ... that load in more than three seconds!

Don't be a sucker anymore! Don't spend time and money to get people to your website and then watch them leave (before calling your office or filling out a lead form). Today, you have a great opportunity to get your website working the way it's supposed to. Scroll down below and you can see very clearly what will be included in our SOP (Speed Optimization Program) offering.

  1. Pick one of our 3 packages.
  2. See how the price is reduced just for my LinkedIn buddies.
  3. See the list of deliverables our programmers will perform on your site.

Remember, this is not a publicly advertised offer. You can't find this page on our website unless you've received the link in a personal email from me.

  • If you want to know more about me and my C.V., scroll down.
  • If you want to know more about our agency, just visit www.GetVisible.com.
  • If you want to start a relationship more tangibly, hire us to fix your performance issues.

40% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME Sign Up Now to Take Advantage of This Very Exclusive Offer!

Minimize Lost Web Traffic and Maximize Online Revenue!

Starter $500

We’ll spend up to 5 hours cleaning up errors that are slowing down your site. Below is a list of the 5 areas we will look at for this optimization package. 70% of sites will see pages loading in half the time.

Image Optimization

Entity Tag Configuration

JavaScript Minification

HTML Minification

CSS Minification

Preferred $1,250

Get everything in the Starter Package PLUS an additional 10 hours of development where we will also include the following 5 page speed items. 88% of sites will see pages loading in half the time.

All 'Starter' Features

JavaScript Parsing

Offscreen Image Deferral

Network Payload Reduction

Webfront Load Text

Efficient Caching

Platinum $2,250

Get everything in Starter and Preferred PLUS we’ll make your website ADA compliant and do more optimizations to get your pages loading in under 3 seconds. 95% of sites will see pages loading in under 3 seconds.

All 'Preferred' Features

ADA Compliance Checklist

CSS Sprite Optimization

Header Expiring

HTTP(S) Request Reduction

Cache Validator Specification

Browser Cache Leveraging

Meet Jason Ciment CEO of Get Visible Inc.

My work history is pretty atypical for a CEO of a digital marketing agency. I started my CPA career at Kenneth Leventhal & Co. (in New York) - a top real estate accounting firm. I then graduated with honors from Fordham Law School and passed the NY Bar. You can even see my photo on the New York Law Journal on the day I took the bar exam. In 1997, I founded MagMall.com, my 1st eCommerce venture. We did SEO before Google was on the scene. For a decade, I bought or invested in a bunch of companies including the launch of www.Adrecom.net which is a technology company that builds robust, eCommerce oriented, websites.


I opened GetVisible (formerly LA Dezign) with Michael Moshkovich. We first offered SEO and added services including website design and creation, search engine advertising and finally social media marketing and content creation.We both run the company together, but I get the fancier title. As CEO, I focus on optimizing our processes and leveraging technology where it benefits our employees and clients.


Because we are so heavily focused on search engine marketing (rankings, ads, and reputation management), we understand how critical it is to help our clients offer their own customers a  high-performance website experience.

We generate millions of dollars in revenues for clients annually. Our many years of experience will guarantee you a stellar result in lead generation activities for your law practice.


I'd like to start a relationship with you to help you grow your law practice. Your first step is to take me up on this crazy offer to speed up your website.If you like what we do, then we can talk further and see if there is an opportunity to get your firm more visible online.


"Top rankings aren’t just about leads and sales. It’s about the long-lasting appearance of our brand for relevant keyword phrases on major search engines. We continue to enjoy the broad coverage we need year after year with GetVisible."

Dave Towers


"Designing our updated website was a very professional and well-organized experience because of GetVisible’s extensive 'Site Reviews Process'. They made it so much easier to make those difficult design decisions."


Jeffrey Adams


"Jason and his team at GetVisible came highly recommended and we’re thrilled with the results. Anne (who runs their creative efforts) re-branded our legacy web site with a clean, intuitive and beautiful design that our customers love. Their e-commerce and content management experts ensured that our site was ready and open for business prior to our biggest sales day of the year. Thank you GetVisible!"


Ron Wybranowski

Valley Anesthesia

Reach out and let's connect.

Let's talk about your high-performance website positioning strategy.

A Slow Website = Fewer Visitors. Fewer Visitors = Lower Revenue. There Are 5 Key Benefits To Increasing Your Site Speed:

  • Improved Google Rankings
  • Increased Website Leads
  • Better Website Experience
  • Optimized Google Ads
  • Increase in Revenue!

Better Search Rankings

Page speed is part of the SEO Best Practices. Slow websites are penalized with lower page rankings. If you want your website to be well ranked on search engines, the page loading time must be in your strategy.

Improved User Experience

According to Google, 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. In fact, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

Increased Engagement

A 1-second delay in page load time means 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversions.

Better Google Ad Score

A slow-loading page time affects your Google Ad Score. Having a good Google Ads Quality Score has a direct impact on the position of your ad, and your CPC (Cost-Per-Click).

Reduced Costs

A 1-second page delay could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales every year because of this loss of potential website visitors.

It's Time To Grow your Law Firm With A Faster Website

Imagine the benefits that would come with being ranked on the top of search engines for your most important keywords - the brand visibility...the qualified traffic...the bragging rights...Sounds amazing, right? The good news is your firm can get there! The not-so-good news is you need to work on your website until Google recognizes you as a serious player in your space. If you don't have a strong foundation with a technologically friendly and FAST website, you're only holding the rest of your digital marketing back.

I know that creating this solid foundation to build upon can sound daunting but don't worry, I can help you!

Getting a fast website, loved and well-ranked by Google should be one of the main objectives of every digital marketer.

The relationship between SEO, user experience, and online performance is simple. If your website is slow, then by definition the user experience is poor. Not only will online visitors abandon your website, resulting in lost revenues, but Google also recognizes slow loading times and consequently will not give your website the search engine visibility it likely deserves.

If you've found yourself on this page, it's very likely that your website is not reaching its maximum potential.

Does your website load in less than 3 seconds?

If not, then we need to talk, because you should not be settling for an under-performing website!

Citation Audit

A citation is a listing online that includes your business name, address and phone number – also referred to as an NAP. Your citation listings that appear online need to be accurate – even down to the suite number. A typo on a listing on another website where your phone number or name is incorrect can affect your search rankings and/or even direct traffic to your website.

What is our recommended solution? We will check your NAP details on directories where your citations appear. We will search on Google for the following NAP related items:

Another alternative is to search for citations by looking for citation directories. We review the top directories and niche/local directories to validate your listings. Some of the main directories include Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, CitySearch, Superpages, and DexKnows.

We can also claim listings for your business in case they have not been claimed already. This process will ensure that you are given access to edit and update your listings going forward

Meta Tag Audit

Website Content Audit

Link Structure Audit

Google+ Page Audit

Online Reputation Review

Backlink Review

Website Speed Audit

Local Schema Audit

Google Analytics Implementation Audit

Congratulations on taking the first step to speeding up your website.

Please fill out the form below and one of the members of our Internet Technology Group will reach out to schedule a quick call.