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Add your Bio for the next New England DAM meeting

Hello fellow Provisors member.

How would you like to be introduced in a referral?

Please fill out the form below for a special presentation we will be having in December that is sure to increase your referrals in 2022.

Here’s are 2 examples that may help you in writing your introductory bio in the form below.

“I’d like to introduce you to a colleague of mine, name of colleague of company.  As a coach, executive search consultant, web designer, etc., name of colleague helps clients to focus of colleague’s practice, such as design a website, conduct an effective executive search, develop financial plans, etc. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to colleague’s first name and to reach out to him/her to discuss how his/her services could help you in your business.”

“I just recently met with Sally Dukakis who is a partner at XYZ tax company. I wanted to let you know about what she does because I thought you might have a need for someone with her unique skillset in relation to your taxes. She said something to me that made me think about you. … If you ever want an intro let me know.

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