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Please be part of our AI Collaboration Article

As you know, Darren Kaplan is a Managing Director of The Data Standard – which is in the process of building out the premier online community of Data Scientists.

We were speaking last week about doing a better job at promoting the amazing potential of AI and ML – particularly because of people like you that are leading data science initiatives at major enterprises around the world.

As a result of our conversation, we thought it might be interesting to put together some online content that would draw further attention to the potential of AI and ML. To do that, we are assembling a thought leadership piece where data science leaders can share their vision on the future direction of AI while also reflecting on the biggest impediments to its adoption. From your industry perspective, what are the most exciting opportunities that AI will make possible in the next ten years? And what are the 2-3 biggest obstacles that need to be addressed to make that vision a reality?

You are invited (along with a select group of others leaders across different industries) to share your thoughts below. After all the responses have been submitted, we will produce a nice talking piece and publish it online.

We’ll send you an advanced link as well in case you want to link to it or share it on your favorite social channel.

We hope that this will be not only a great way to build your own brand but also a fantastic way to highlight the important work that you are doing every day.
Thank you again!

If the form hangs upon submission, please copy and paste the information and email it [email protected]



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