Jason Ciment’s Google Traffic Tactics Email Newsletter #2

The positive response to my first Traffic Tactics Alert was so unexpected.

Michael and I decided to be more proactive about doing more of these on a regular basis.

We are shooting for sending out the newsletter once each week.

And these are not just going to be about SEO rankings.

It’s all about targeted web traffic here.

So we’ll be covering SEO, Facebook ads, YouTube video marketing, Reputation management and Google Adwords PPC budget optimization.

If you have a request for something we should talk about, just email me by reply.

Latest update on last week’s Google algorithm shift:

  1. Ensure your website is “mobile friendly.” Here’s an article from GoogleBlog on this. https://goo.gl/445gng  The term of art now is “mobile first” because the idea is that Google assumes more people are using mobile devices to visit websites. Here’s the test to see how your site looks to Google: https://goo.gl/vUJWvj
  2. Links to your website still matter. Use www.Majestic.com to see your backlink profile. If your trust flow and citation flow scores are under 20, run a mile to get the anger out of your system and then sit down and come up with a plan. Here’s a good article. https://goo.gl/6Cen6X

Recent GetVisible company news: Michael just spent a couple of days at a search engine conference sitting thru sessions sifting thru the nuggets to figure out what’s legit and what’s puffery. Next week we’ll have a write up of the best tactics you can implement on your own website to improve rankings or get more engagement.

Last week’s Alert reminder: Did you run your speed test on www.GtMetrix.com?

That’s it for today. No sales pitch here. Just good common sense traffic tactics.

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