Jason Ciment’s Google SEO Rankings Email Newsletter #1

This is the first edition of my new Google SEO rankings, website traffic (and other things) newsletter.

This is the copy of what is being sent out via email to people that have connected with me on LinkedIn or have subscribed here.

In a rare moment, Google just officially announced an update to its algorithm. Though, the updates happen daily (once or twice per day), Google does not usually make an official announcement. This time though they did.

Here are two articles that basically say “there’s nothing you can do” – though we disagree.

Here’s practical advice based on what we have learned in recent very private discussions with our peers in the SEO world.

Google is looking at the nature of your content differently. If you are familiar with the “answer box” that shows up in rankings results pages, you should now begin to focus on giving your viewers answers to questions. Solve problems for them. Don’t just say “I practice personal injury law” and go on about how great you are. Put some practical questions into your practice area content and provide answers and set expectations.

  • Check your page loading speed. Go to www.GtMetrix.com and test your site. If you get a low score, talk to your website developers.
  • Here’s a tactic you will not get from most SEO advisors. Stop blogging incessantly. Start writing topically. Create 2,000 word deeply informative posts, not 500 word scratching the surface regurgitations. For this, you’ll need some more intensive keyword research.

Hope this new alert series helps you to keep your website rankings.

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