Jason Ciment’s Newsletter Traffic Edition #3

Here are some easy ways to improve your email delivery
rates whether you use Gmail, Zoho or Outlook365.

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Are you tired of hearing people tell you that they didn’t get your last email?

This week’s alert is not going to help you get higher search engine rankings or improve your website performance.

Instead, I want to help you improve your email delivery rates whether you use Gmail or Outlook365.

What’s the point of working with my company to get more web traffic and acquire more leads if you can’t reach prospects after getting their email addresses?

Here goes. Review these 2 domain settings with your email service provider.

Fix your domain SPF Record.


This article uses a GoDaddy domain as the model. You can follow the instructions for any domain host. 

Test your modified SPF settings here

Fix your domain DKIM settings.

Here are some step-by-step links (because this stuff is way too complicated)

GetVisible company news

Instead of trying a subtle sales tactic by telling you about some rankings we obtained for a YouTube video or a website on Google, here is something actionable right now. We are about to announce a new credit card rewards cash back program where you can “cash out” with cash or even BitCoin. Email me if you want more details about being an early adopter.

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