Jason Ciment’s Newsletter Traffic Edition #9

This week’s alert is not going to help you get more leaders, rank higher in the search engine listings or make your site look nicer.

Instead it has a few steps you need to take before May 25th in order to avoid getting exposed to a GDPR compliance failure that might cost you real money.

I tried to hide my head in the sand from those nutty folks on the other side of the Atlantic but there’s no stopping this new law from taking effect in 3 days.

1. Fix your Google Analytics data retention settings so that you don’t lose data that is more than 24 months old.

In Google Analytics, go to the Admin area (bottom left) and look at the property settings column.

Select “Tracking info” and then choose “Data Retention.”

In the drop-down choose “Do not automatically expire” and hit SAVE

2. This next tip is a tough one.

Apparently it is advised to “anonymize” IP address settings in Google Analytics.

Technically it is possible that if you collect the IP’s of people browsing your site, you may be violating the strict GDPR rules.

Here’s an article about IP settings. (that has a lot of big words in it).

The main problem here is that under GDPR you are responsible for any EU citizen even if they are in the USA. so blocking IP’s may not work enough.

3. Read this article for email form adjustments you can make to forms where you capture people’s contact info.

There are a bunch of companies offering WordPress plugins now to semi-automate this process.

Email me for more info because I haven’t decided on a winner yet.

So far I did find this GDPR plugin that doesn’t have a cost. and this one costs $20.00 or so.

Also read this article on GDPR moves you should make with how you collect data.


SEO Tip of the week for your PPC campaigns:

Update your “negative keyword” list and reduce wasted ad spends.

You cannot believe how many reputable SEO companies do not update negative keyword lists.

I don’t have an article on this yet but if you can email me, I can send you more details.

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