Jason Ciment’s Newsletter Traffic Edition #7

This week I am tackling some steps to see what is happening with your online reputation.

It’s not just about reviews on Yelp.

Did you know that there is a way to get a scorecard report for the reputation of your website and brand?

Just like a high credit score gives you better rates when borrowing money or more time to pay your suppliers, a high online reputation score also helps you close more business as people have more confidence in you and your brand.

Learn more about your business reputation and how it can impact your business growth.

Here’s a gift from a friend of a friend.

It’s an online reputation report that is typically sold for $19.95.

Click here to get one at no cost.

Here are 4 tools that can help you with your online reputation.

  1. Google can tell you what people say about you online
  2. Use this tool to search blogs, Facebook and Twitter for your brand.
  3. Do some research on Twitter with Topsy
  4. Have you tried the Social Mention tool?

Thanks for the responses last week on embedding feedback.

Clearly I haven’t gotten a good solution yet.

Maybe by next week.

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