Jason Ciment Google Traffic Email #14

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We are sharing “100SEORANKINGS”, a new search engine rankings tool you can use to measure your own SEO success. (see below)
Follow my new Instagram feed at https://www.instagram.com/jasonciment/ and see how my hashtag #booksandfood can help you too. (see below)
Would you like to contribute an article for a new lawyer marketing resource? http://www.lawyermarketing.online/ (see more info below)
How do you like our new home page animation video at http://www.getvisible.com? and yes. we are fixing the typo with a new tagline.
WordPress has a new admin interface. If you don’t like it, download this classic editor plugin to retain the old look and feel. http://bit.ly/2RNgH1q
Here are some more details.

Want to see how well your SEO team is doing at ranking your website? We’ve create a new tool that generates a list of the top 100 websites that rank in Google for a search phrase. Want to test it for your own website? Just send me a search phrase and I’ll get you a report of who’s ranking. Take the file and give it to your SEO team and ask them to look at any sites that are beating you to figure out why. We created this tool because it’s super helpful for us to quickly get a list of sites rather than going page by page in Google search results. Would you like a tool like this to run on your own? Let me know.
I am looking for contributors for a new online resource filled with articles to help lawyers market their firms online. If you’d like to post an article on the website at http://www.lawyermarketing.online/ just email me and I’ll set you up with a login to post articles. If you know someone that has good ideas for lawyers, please let them know about the website.
If you are thinking about using social media like Facebook or Instagram to promote yourself or your business, I can give you personal anecdotal evidence based on my own Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/jasonciment/. I started posting photos of books I read paired with foods that matched the books. I created a hashtag of #booksandfood. In less than 8 weeks I already have over 800 followers. My advice is to avoid being a me too poster. Try to find something distinctive and run with it. I already have authors from around the world messaging me to review their books. And everyone who follows me also gets a message introducing them to my business.

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Citation Audit

A citation is a listing online that includes your business name, address and phone number – also referred to as an NAP. Your citation listings that appear online need to be accurate – even down to the suite number. A typo on a listing on another website where your phone number or name is incorrect can affect your search rankings and/or even direct traffic to your website.

What is our recommended solution? We will check your NAP details on directories where your citations appear. We will search on Google for the following NAP related items:

Another alternative is to search for citations by looking for citation directories. We review the top directories and niche/local directories to validate your listings. Some of the main directories include Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, CitySearch, Superpages, and DexKnows.

We can also claim listings for your business in case they have not been claimed already. This process will ensure that you are given access to edit and update your listings going forward

Meta Tag Audit

Website Content Audit

Link Structure Audit

Google+ Page Audit

Online Reputation Review

Backlink Review

Website Speed Audit

Local Schema Audit

Google Analytics Implementation Audit

Congratulations on taking the first step to speeding up your website.

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