Jason Ciment’s Newsletter Traffic Edition #11

Let’s talk about optimizing WordPress to power your law firm, business, company or nonprofit website. Below are my favorite non-standard WordPress add-ons (software known as plugins that you can add into your WordPress system) that can help with SEO, security and page speed.

Btw, are you comparing Squarespace and WordPress? WordPress kills.

Here’s 23 reasons why.

The plugin list below does not include Yoast because it is just assumed you have this already. If you don’t, please install it before reading any further.

ABD dashboard is ancient but allows you to adjust the home page admin screen for WordPress to make it simply friendly. I haven’t looked for a replacement yet. Our people built a tool that sits on top of ABD. Email me for more details. It’s a great way to set up the home page of your admin screen with “favorite tabs” that link right to specific admin areas of your site.

Enable media replace adds the ability to replace an image rather than deleting it and adding a new revised image instead. Quick efficiency note. When you you set up your site, make sure to change your default media settings (options-media.php) to store all images in ONE folder instead of creating new folders for each month and year. This default setting is a huge time-suck otherwise.

WP Smush makes images load faster. If you remember the GT Metrix tool to test web page speed, image size is one of the easiest errors to fix if you simply optimize your image sizes.

Google hates broken links. Use SEO Redirection to easily point bad web pages to the right URLs. To find bad links, run screaming frog (see one of my prior alerts for this software) and run a report in Google Webmaster to show broken links. This is not just for SEO. Why should you ruin someone’s experience on your site with broken links. That’s like offering someone cold french fries.

Advanced typing effect plugin makes a typewriter effect. Maybe not my favorite plugin, but it’s a fun idea to explore.

When you can’t find a page you want to fix, use Search Everything plugin.

Shameless plug of the week:

Our self-help, step-by-step, digital marketing book (“I Need More Clients”) still has a 5 star rating on Amazon. You can read the whole thing in 2.25 hours if you can resist multi-tasking. My special signature move is no orphaned text on any pages. All pages end with completed sentences.

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