Jason Ciment’s Newsletter Traffic Edition #10

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to lose weight even though you watch what you eat and exercise (even one in a while)?

I just finished reading this very non-mainstream book called The Obesogen Effect and together with my understanding of how we personalize an SEO campaign for each client, the book sheds a lot of light on how you can improve your chances of losing weight and increasing rankings.

Because I am committed to keeping these emails short, I will just share some relevant ideas. Read the book for more details.

Your brain has a thermometer that has a fixed score for the number of fat cells in your body. If you do a liposuction without changing your score, the fat cells will come back (usually somewhere else on your body).

Mice were fed food with the exact same total calories per day. The mice that ate throughout the day gain more weight than the mice that ate 3 meals on a schedule.

Mice that had their stomachs cleaned out with anti-biotics and that were then fed the “Fake sugars” actually gained weight. The reason is not just the idea that fake sugars might make you hungrier, but the fake sugars had an impact on the “gut biome” that was not originally expected.

Most important is that people who were fed the same exact diet but had different genetic makeups experienced different weight gain results.

Besides blowing my mind, here’s what I learned that you can assimilate into your own search engine rankings efforts.

If you change the content in your site or your link profile, make sure to consider what your “SEO thermometer” score looks like before you start. Meaning you should run ScreamingFrog and a few other tools I’ve shared before to assess where you are now.

An SEO efforts schedule (like this Tue morning email) is far more powerful than unscheduled random SEO efforts. Make a timeline and execute. Google likes predictability.

Fake sugars are like bad back-links. You can’t fool Google with links that look sweet. Their “gut biome” is very smart. Your back-link profile should now be all about quality links for authority websites.

The reason they are called ‘organic rankings” is because the process of getting ranked should look natural. Don’t stuff too many SEO efforts into your SEO funnel. Don’t get 3 high-grade links in 14 days when you can get one every 2 weeks over a 6 week period.

Most important, you can’t just copy someone else’s SEO methods thinking they will work for you. Each “industry” has it’s own rankings algorithm that dictates how your content and back-link profile will be interpreted. Your best technique will be looking at specifically relevant competitors and seeing what they are doing.

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