How to Get High Authority Backlinks

If you have built (or had someone build for you) a beautiful and functional website for your business, you know that it means nothing unless people actually visit your website. Nothing is more frustrating for a business owner who puts time, effort, and money into a website and doesn’t get traffic to convert website visitors into customers. Google’s algorithms constantly change. Such changes make it difficult to hold a steady high ranking to create visibility for potential customers. One effective way to help keep your website strong is to have high authority backlinks. 

What Are High Authority Backlinks?

High authority backlinks are links to your website from authoritative websites. The high authority websites go through different metrics scoring systems, such as Alexa Global Rank, Citation Flow, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, and Trust Flow. When a high authority website links to your website, it tells Google to recognize your website as an authority on the subject. When you write a research paper, people will view your paper better if you cite sources such as encyclopedias and published articles instead of citing Wikipedia. It’s not that the information on Wikipedia is necessarily incorrect; it’s because Wikipedia can be authored and edited by anyone. An author spent significant time researching and writing a published article and went through several steps to publish the article. You want to be the website others point to for information and authority.

Why Would Anyone Link to My Website?

When bloggers and article writers research to write content, they will typically run several Google searches to find the best information online. When writers create articles, they will give credit to the author by linking back to their website. It’s vital to make sure that your website will appeal to other writers. An informative, trustworthy website is invaluable when trying to have other bloggers link to your website.

Five Ways That You Can Get High Authority Backlinks

backlink strategy by get visibleYou can do several things to get others to link to your site, helping give it authority both in the eyes of Google and your potential clients. Five important methods to help you get high authority backlinks include:

Writing Data-Based Content

The most important way to ensure that others view your website as an authority is to publish well-written content. Only include content backed by data and research. There aren’t any shortcuts here; the more data you can use to strengthen your content, the better. The writing on your website should be accurate, free of mistakes, and help a web surfer looking for an answer to a question. Many people make one mistake when publishing content on their website: making it too much of a vanity site trying to showcase themselves. There are ways to do this without losing focus on the actual goal of your website, which is attracting visitors and new business. 

Creating and Publishing Infographics 

Infographics are a great way to catch a writer’s eye on another website or blog. A solid infographic based on sound research and is pleasing to the eye can pay huge dividends when building links. Run Google searches looking for the top infographics on the topic you want to write about and study why they have ranked at the top. Take this information and use it when creating your own. 

Linking and Mentioning Other Blogs 

Linking and mentioning other blogs on your website helps your SEO profile in several ways. When you link to other sites, it will encourage links back to your site from the bloggers. Search engines will also note who you are linking to, and if the sites you link to are high quality, you will receive recognition from the search engine. Traffic to the websites you link to can often be viewed by those who monitor referral traffic, who may, in turn, link back to you once they see your website.

Writing Articles Based on Statistics 

When bloggers research to write articles to post, they often look for statistics to help make their articles authoritative. Make sure you do your research and compile statistics, or you can combine statistics from several authoritative sources into one article that a reader can use. If you have articles on your website that offer accurate statistics and information, you put yourself in a great position to have those writers link to you. 

Offer Your Article to Other Bloggers 

One way to encourage a link to your website is to simply reach out to your target website and offer your blog as a resource. While a site might not technically be asking for submissions, offering the URL of your article in a message to your target website can get them to link to you if your article is appealing and gives them a resource to target. This method can also create a relationship where that website owner will reference your website when looking for new information.

Above are just some ways to get high authority backlinks to help increase traffic to your website. The most important thing to remember is that it must appear to Google and other search engines that these other sites are genuinely linking to yours because of the information on your site and not because of some type of shortcut or paid method. 

What Not to Do When Trying to Get High Authority Backlinks

If you are trying to get high authority backlinks, it is critical to avoid tricks or shortcuts meant to circumvent how a search engine will rank your website. Avoid buying links or being a part of a link “scheme” where sites link to yours for no apparent reason. While it may be time-consuming or more expensive to have quality articles written on your site, there is no substitute for high-quality articles that raise your website’s profile online and, in turn, its Google ranking. 

Let us help you get high authority backlinks. There’s nothing like authoritative backlinks that will build trust and reputation. Contact us today to get the backlinks rolling in.