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GV Explains Creating Online Product Descriptions That Sell Successfully

In our digitally connected world, online platforms are a vital life source for retailers. Being able to promote products and services online successfully is essential to revenue and company growth.

When customers browse products online, there is no physical interaction or tactile experience involved. Fortunately, that doesn’t make boosting sales impossible. On the contrary, online retailers can overcome sensory-related obstacles with visual marketing and strategic product descriptions firmly in place. And the way to turn product descriptions into sales is through thoughtful writing combined with search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of driving traffic to websites via higher organic search engine rankings results. Writing SEO-friendly product descriptions is the first step in earning higher rankings because those descriptions should contain keyword searches that are based on how prospective customers might search for a related product on Google. 

While SEO is a powerful tool, it takes a lot more than adding keyword phrases into a page to earn rankings and generate sales. In addition to writing customized product descriptions, you also need to think about storytelling and other neuro-linguistic writing techniques that will help your products stand apart from the competition.

Product Descriptions That Connect with Customers

Let’s use a real world example from a site that sells sewing machines and related sewing products. The site is The product descriptions on the product pages are designed to inform customers about product specifications that will help them choose the right sewing machines. These product descriptions need to do so much more than just communicate technical information to be successful in a competitive marketplace!

It all begins with understanding the audience. Before the GoldStar team can write a product description, they must consider the customer behind the keyboard and understand what that customer wants.

It’s important to look at what a potential customer is interested in and what they might search for online. GoldStar customers tend to be creative minds searching for high-quality sewing products at an affordable price. The name brand of the product may not be the decisive factor either in making that buying decision. Therefore, the writers have to consider multiple characteristics when crafting a product description that connects with the customers they are targeting.

The tone used in the product description can convey a lot to customers which in turn can impact the likelihood of making a sale. A product description should highlight unique features, advantages, and benefits for a customer, but if it’s not written in a tone they can relate to, the sale opportunity might be lost.

Writing product descriptions in a visual way that is easy for customers to absorb is also crucial to boosting sales. It often comes down to something as simple as using bullet points instead of long run on sentences in paragraph form. GoldStar presents many unique selling points in a bullet point format – and it works really for their conversions. An example would be in the following product description of sewing machine needles:

  • Regular-point
  • Ball-point
  • Chromium

This layout makes the available options simple to scan and easy to remember when browsing multiple products.

The use of powerful sensory words also helps connect products to online customers. Dull descriptions don’t connect well with the audience and won’t motivate them to buy a product.

For example, describing a sewing machine as small and user-friendly is decent. However, a description that presents that same item as an affordable sewing machine with remarkable precision that delivers eye-catching results is excellent. It will inspire customers to press the purchase button on their devices.

Driving Website Traffic and Sales With SEO

Once you’ve connected your product descriptions to your customers, boosting traffic to your website is the path that leads to a sales boom. It starts with incorporating the right keywords and creating unique copy. 

A retail page is more likely to find its way to the top of a Google search results list when it’s easy to read and focused on the end user. It’s important to avoid plagiarizing a competitor’s website or repeating your own while creating your content. Duplicating content for the sake of keywords isn’t valuable within the greater Google algorithm. It also isn’t a genuine way to boost credibility with your customer base online.

Instead of stuffing as many keywords into your content as possible, consider crafting product descriptions that naturally weave in buyer keywords while focusing on unique selling points. For example, GoldStar Tool’s cloth and fabric cutting machines would be helpful for small textile businesses. To that end, the product description opens with, when your small textile business gets noticed, it gets bigger.

Without mentioning more than necessary, you establish a target audience and set out goals. You also make it clear how this product can help a customer. The keywords small textile business will draw in customers looking for products specific to this line of work. Not to worry—Google will notice, too. And in the best way possible!

GetVisible’s Content Experts are Here to Help

Running a business and creating a website is hard work. Let us relieve some of that stress by helping you craft your website’s product descriptions. Engaging content with skillfully incorporated keywords is a huge part of increasing traffic to your website. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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