GV Explains Backlinks that Impact SEO Rankings Efforts

How to Get High-Authority Backlinks

It’s no secret that Google uses advanced algorithms for its search result rankings. The search engine giant analyzes a variety of factors that can influence every aspect of your digital marketing strategies. However, it is important to understand that all ranking factors are not weighted equally.

Google’s algorithms give preferential treatment to certain ranking factors. One of these essential factors is the presence of high-authority backlinks. Some marketing experts even believe that they are the most critical ranking category that you should address with your page design and marketing strategies.

What is a High-Authority Backlink?

A high-authority backlink is any link from another page back to your site. That site has to have a high score on particular metrics. Specifically, high-authority backlinks have high ratings in one or more of the following:

  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Domain Authority
  • Moz Rank
  • Alexa Global Rank

By obtaining high-authority backlinks, you can improve the perceived legitimacy of your page. Failing to do so can leave your company stuck on the lower end of the search results and cost you visitors and conversions.

Improve Visibility with These Proven Tips

While it may seem overwhelming at first, acquiring high-authority backlinks is easy with these proven tips. You can incorporate a few or all of these practices into your marketing strategies to improve rankings and boost web traffic.

Focus on the Data

If you want to draw the attention of other brands and obtain high-authority backlinks, then you first need to focus on valuable data for your industry. You can use this information to create data-driven content that sets you apart from your competitors. If you create great content, other pages will link to you for that reason alone.

None of the other tips will help you to obtain organic backlinks unless you have good content. That is why we made this our number one tip.

Name Drop

While you shouldn’t engage in quid pro quo linking, there is nothing wrong with linking your content to other bloggers in your industry. Doing so will boost your SEO ranking and will encourage new traffic to your site. It can also help your page to get noticed and may even prompt a blogger to link back to you.

Bridge the Gap Between Broken Links

This last tip is particularly effective. It is carried out in a series of stages. The first step is to find a page in your niche that no longer exists. After you have done so, find out which pages link to that page.

The next phase is to generate content that is similar to the original page but better. After you have refined your content to fill the void left by that missing page, reach out to the people that have broken links. Refer them to your page and suggest that they replace the old link with a backlink to your high-quality content.

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