GV Explains Anchor Text and Search Engine Optimization

What is Anchor Text?

Digital marketing strategies are all about generating additional site traffic and converting visitors into customers. While accomplishing this goal requires high-quality content, it is much more involved than simply turning a phrase or selecting some intriguing imagery.

Google’s ranking algorithms analyze every aspect of your page when deciding where you’ll land on the search rankings. This can ultimately have a significant impact on your page views and conversion rates. Understanding the various aspects of this analysis is essential if you want to optimize your content and improve your marketing strategies.

A critical aspect of digital marketing to keep in mind is anchor text. What is it? Let’s find out.

How to Optimize Links?

Before we explain the connection between anchor text and search engine optimization (SEO), it is important to have a clear definition of anchor text. Simply put, anchor text refers to the clickable words or phrases that are used to link various pages together. Anchor text is almost always denoted by a blue font, which makes it easy to find.

Are There Different Types of Anchor Text?

While the definition of anchor text is relatively straightforward, it is important to understand that there are several subtypes. The various categories are named based on how they reference or link back to the related page.

One of the most common types of anchor text is known as an “exact match.” This type of text uses the specific key phrase that is being highlighted in your content. For example, if you are creating an HVAC repair page and use “HVAC repair” for your anchor text, this would be considered an exact match.

Another popular anchor text type is referred to as a phrase match. This style of anchor text uses the key phrase and additional words. The additional verbiage may be the author of the text or the name of the company. For instance, your phrase match anchor text may read “Johnson’s HVAC repair.”

Additional anchor text types include:

  • Partial match
  • Branded
  • Random
  • Image links
  • Naked URL

While any of these anchor text styles can be incorporated into your page, some perform better than others. A random anchor text that simply states “this site” may not draw as much positive interaction as a branded link that incorporates your company name.

Is Anchor Text Important for SEO?

Anchor text and every other aspect of your site’s layout are important to SEO. Google’s algorithms will detect anchor text in an attempt to understand what your page is geared toward. It is also used in the keyword ranking process.

Since Google specifically looks for anchor text, you should make an effort to link to key phrases in virtually every post. Doing so will significantly impact rankings and also make your content more digestible for readers.

How to Upgrade My Anchor Text

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