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Google Posts are an often underutilized feature of Google My Business optimization, but are a solid addition to your overall Local SEO strategy.

Your business can share four types of posts, all of which are shown at the bottom of your Google My Business knowledge panel and help boost engagement with your brand.

What’s New

Gives you the option to write a message up to 1,500 characters, upload an image, and provide a link with a unique call to action depending on your intent.




Allows you to create a custom event title, description, start date, end date, and event time, along with an image and link.




Advertise your sales with fields for your sale titles (20% off Spring Sale!), descriptions, offer codes, terms and conditions, as well as start and end dates.




Showcase your unique offerings with custom descriptions, price or price ranges, product details, and call to actions.


Being active with Google Posts is important, as each post will expire after 7 days. However, maintaining weekly posts helps indicate to Google that your listing is active and relevant to the service areas listed in your profile. While these posts alone will not rank your listing, they are a definitive piece in your overall local SEO plan – bolstering legitimacy, customer engagement, and visits to your website.

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