Do You or Your Company Need To Repair Your Online Reputation?

What is an Online Reputation Management Service?

If Google or Bing search engine listings show negative information [about you] when someone searches for your name, or your company name, or someone else’s name that you have [or had] a relationship with, then you need to hire a company like GetVisible to get rid of those bad listings and improve your online reputation.

This reputation repairing process is also known as a Reverse or Negative SEO campaignHere are the type of bad news listings that suggest you need to consider implementing a digital reputation online.

Reverse SEO to get rid of bad news: 

  • Your mugshot from a jail or correctional facility
  • A copy of your prison record
  • Items that slander your reputation (stories from your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend)
  • Documents from court case filings that can be found online
  • Documents on sites ending in .gov extensions (ex. FBI, SEC)
  • Bad things about someone else with a similar name (mistaken identity)

Negative SEO to push down complaints:

  • complaints (really hard to move these)
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaints
  • Bad reviews on Yelp, TrustPilot, or Google Reviews
  • YouTube Videos (that are bad for you) with high rankings

Positive efforts to hide old negative business items:

  • Old business activities with bad news
  • Lawsuits (current and old ones)
  • Former employees’ bad acts connected with your name

Are You Being Negatively Affected by Fake News Listings?

Negative comments or bad reviews relating to things from your past, like being fired from a job, or lawsuits, can be quite harmful to getting a job, signing that next deal, or making the next sale. When sites show up on the Google search results pages, people think that what they see on them is totally legit and they equate these sites with CNN type news. You need to control all this by doing a Reverse SEO and digital reputation management campaign. The good news is that these campaigns utilize White Hat SEO Techniques because the tactics we employ to improve your reputation also follow Google’s guidelines.

Keep reading to see how we can help you hide these bad items in the Google search engine listings and we can help you present a more positive image of your reputation online.


What does an Online Reputation Management campaign do for you?

  • More Brand Control. The more listings you control in the Google search results when someone searches for your name (or your company brand), the better it is for you and your brand. If the first page of Google results lists your personal website, Facebook page, Linkedin profile page, YouTube channel, and a few other personal (e.g. Twitter, Pinterest …) and/or business sites (e.g. Manta), then you have a chance to deliver the message you want, rather than leave it up to chance.
  • More Brand Visibility. By doing online reputation building, you make it easier for people to find the different facets of your business identity. The more you control the first page of search results, the less likely it is that your competitor sneaks in to distract visitors and pull them away from your listings.
  • Keep Your Brand Information Current. Since you are expending efforts to manage your reputation, you can fill up the listings with the information that presents you in the best possible light. The more current your information, the more likely it will get updated by the search engine algorithms. So you want to be sure, that the details are correct.
  • Boost Your Brand Credibility. In this era of fake news, you need to ensure that what shows up on the first page of Google and Bing, is a true representation of your brand values. Positioning the content you control over content from less reliable sites, will give you the opportunity to connect positively with your customers and prospects.
  • Own Your Story. By having your reputation manager respond to negative online reviews on sites like Google and Yelp, and taking the steps to build more Authority online, you gain the opportunity to explain things that position you more appropriately.

What are my Reputation Management Options?

  • Brand related search engine results. Improve what shows up in the search results for brand-related search queries.
  • Ratings and Review improvements. Improve your overall ratings on Yelp and other review websites.
  • Google & Bing Autocomplete Cleanup. Get rid of negative Autocomplete search suggestions.
  • Wikipedia. Publish content that is accurate and truthful about your business.
  • Public relations messaging. Reach different audiences through more targeted multiple social media channels.
  • Reputation reporting. Monitor search results so you can work on actionable items.

How do we do what we do?

We will create worthwhile content that helps your website (and other websites and social media properties we put the content onto) rank higher than other sites with negative content. The result of Reverse SEO activities is to push your listings higher while pushing the negative content listings lower until they no longer appear high up in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Step 1 is Content Creation

We create professionally written content for your brand that will get disseminated through your website, micro-websites, blogs and social media channels. Our combined experience in public relations, SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising, all come together under one banner to work for your brand reputation. We can create relevant blog postings, informative articles, micro-websites, infographics, videos, graphics, white papers and social media posts as part of our content generation efforts. We will be able to determine what type of content will get ranked and stay ranked for a longer time.

Step 2 is Content Promotion

If we can’t remove the bad things people are saying about you, then our optimization tactics will replace the bad things with good and better things we can get positioned higher up in the rankings results. After creating positive content (described above), we use SEO tactics to publicize and promote this content onto the first page of Google. Top rankings will by necessity push down other listings (which include negative mentions of your brand) onto the less visited 2nd or 3rd pages of Google or Bing.

Step 3 is Monitoring Results

We use industry standard software tools to monitor your brand’s online reputation and track its performance in the search engine rankings. You will receive weekly reports showing you how your brand is performing.

Glossary of Services


Wikipedia consistently ranks highly in the search engines’ results. We work within Wikipedia’s editorial policies and guidelines to influence the Wikipedia Community to improve your Wikipedia page. We will evaluate the Wikipedia page, get a sense of the history of edits, and learn about what the editors want to see on your page. All this information informs the plan we build to make an impact on your Wikipedia presence.


We can publicize your messages to different communities of people that have different browsing habits online. By pushing your content through different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Linkedin, you can reach more people who may have missed your content on just one channel. We can also customize the messaging on each channel so it speaks more naturally and persuasively to each of those channels’ audiences more appropriately. If you want to get more of the right kind of exposure, this type of targeted messaging distribution is quite powerful.

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