Digital Marketing For Lawyers

The Decisive Guide to Getting More Clients in 90 Days

In this book, we explore easy ways attorneys can use very simple strategies to grow their law practices with online marketing:

Instant Law Practice Growth with the “P6 90 Day Formula”

Learn how to:

  • Peek behind the scenes of leading websites
  • Find the tools that spy on your competitors
  • Identify keywords to promote on search engine
  • Get in front of the “right” prospects online
  • Be an “Authority” in each of your practice areas
  • Use neuro-linguistic website design techniques
  • Grow referrals more consistently

Create a Lead Generating Website

Learn how to:

  • Provide a better browsing experience
  • Use headlines to attract attention
  • Find photos, images and videos
  • Make titles, tags, and descriptions work
  • Grow your email list

Top Search Engine Rankings with the “S.T.R.A.P.S.” System

Learn how to:

  • “Steal” competitors’ SEO strategies
  • Technically optimize your website
  • Figure out keyword phrases to promote
  • Target specific audience segments
  • Partner with bloggers to get backlinks
  • Share monthly blog and social content
  • Use “Schema” architecture properly

Get Your Law Firm More Exposure Online

Learn how to:

  • Optimize your site for top search engine rankings
  • Appear credible when people “look you up” online
  • Get top listings and reviews in Google MAPS listings
  • Be hypnotic with articles, blogs and videos
  • Lower your pay-per-click advertising costs
  • Widen your footprint with social media marketing
  • Use #Hashtags to get in front of more influencers

Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Learn how to:

  • Get more connections and followers
  • Post content that gets “liked” and “shared”
  • Join or even manage your own groups
  • Use #Hashtags for more exposure
  • Use PPC ads to reach more people

Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your law firm brand recognition, make more contacts, and grow your client list and case load.

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book 1

I’m always looking for smart ways to grow my business, and this book is full of them! Must read for any business owner in professional services.

M. Wald

Great book. Gets right under your skin. I have enjoyed this book so much to the point that I’m thinking going through it again. There is no “discovery” and there is no magic in the content – if you are responsible for your own actions – this book most likely is going to help you BIG time.

A. D. Abram

This book is indispensable for today’s digital age of marketing. Jason presents the material in breezy, fun, easy-to-digest morsels. You will have fun while you learn the basics of getting out there in the digital word and finding your clients. Enjoy!!

S. Goldstein