Defining Digital Marketing with GetVisible: What is Anchor Text?

Many variables influence how your website ranks against others on Google. Between SEO, links, and original content, Google uses many data points to determine which websites should be viewed as an authority and higher quality when compared to others. One important part of any website and its digital marketing is anchor text. Understanding how anchor text affects your website and its visibility is important. Here, we’ll be going over what anchor text is, how it functions on digital marketing websites and the importance of using properly positioned anchor text.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is a clickable word or string of words that direct users to a page. Most commonly, people use anchor text as part of a link that will direct a digital marketer to a website. There are various types of anchor text in digital marketing. They help improve the digital marketing agency’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by boosting their rankings.

How Does Anchor Text Function on Digital Marketing Websites?

As digital marketing has grown, many digital marketers use anchor text to direct users to specific pages on their digital marketing agency website. Anchor text can be used for internal linking, helping digital marketers have more control over where they rank against other digital marketing agencies on Google. The best way to include anchor text in your digital marketing is by including it as part of a descriptive link. Being descriptive helps search engines understand what your digital marketer is linking to and will help support any SEO-related efforts you are making through your website.

What are the Different Link Types? 

anchor text linking backwardsThere are several types of links that digital marketers can use for their benefit or their clients’ websites that purchase digital marketing services from them. These links can be helpful as backlinks that increase digital marketing agency website rankings.

  • Internal Anchor Text (on digital marketing websites): The anchor text on digital marketing agency sites links internally to similar pages or relevant digital marketing material. Digital marketers find that using anchor links help support SEO efforts while improving user experience and offering more information where it’s needed.
  • External Anchor Text (on digital marketing websites): When digital marketers use links that lead off their digital agency site and onto another site, they use external anchor text. It is important to note that this may not be allowed with non-commercial grade digital marketing services. For most digital marketers, however, they’ll need to use external anchor text linking if they want to rank their digital marketing agency website in a specific way.
  • Editorial Links: These are the most sought-after digital marketing anchor text links a digital marketer can get. Editorial links indicate that another digital marketing agency or industry influencer has approved of your digital marketing efforts and decided to make a link from their website to yours. While hard to come by, these types of links are highly valuable to digital marketers because they help establish you as an authority within your virtual niche.

Importance of Properly Positioned Anchor Text

There are several things to keep in mind when featuring anchor text on digital marketing agency websites. First, digital marketers need to avoid too much internal linking, as they risk confusing users about where they’re going. Also, digital marketers should be careful to use proper anchor text link types for both digital marketing agency websites and clients. These digital marketers remember not to overuse any kind of anchor text and use them only to help with SEO and digital marketing efforts.

External digital marketing agency links are a little more complex. Many digital marketers can get penalized for using external anchor text in digital marketing efforts. If you want to receive digital marketing agency-related website traffic, digital marketers should at least make their digital marketer site relevant somehow. You may even need to provide a summary of your digital marketing agency’s services before linking off the page.

Anchor text is essential because digital marketers use it to direct people to other websites and help establish them as authorities within the virtual community. It is an integral part of digital marketing that will become more pronounced as time goes on and search engines refine how they determine rankings and utilize individual words or phrases. 

How Anchor Text Can Influence Your Google Ranking

It is important to remember that anchor text is valuable for digital marketers because it helps digital marketing agency sites rank higher on search engine results pages. It can also help digital marketers direct traffic to other websites by using digital marketing agency links. The most popular link used by digital marketers is an internal digital marketing agency link. However, digital marketers should avoid excess internal links because they might confuse site visitors about where the link goes. Digital marketers should also make sure to correctly position external digital marketer links and avoid overusing any type of anchor text for their clients. Overall, anchor text plays a large role in digital marketing efforts. It will continue to as search engines refine how they determine rankings. 

What to Do First With Anchor Text?

Google will be closer to recognizing your website if you follow the tips above. Strong anchor text can improve your SEO traffic and customer satisfaction. It can also boost your return on investment and improve your Google ranking. 

Let’s talk about how we can help with your anchor text or any other marketing needs to ramp up your traffic.