Chat GPT Content Writing Tips January 2023

This is a copy of information I shared in my private newsletter that people asked me to post on our blog. So here it is.

Here are some of my top reactions and predictions about ChatGPT (AI content tool).

It is quite simply to me a world changing event. In the same way you may remember that life altering first kiss, bar or bat-mitzvah speech (I sort of do), or walking down the aisle at your wedding, ChatGPT is going to have such an impact.

Here are some predictions.

You will go to ChatGPT instead of Google to do research or to get lists of pretty much anything.

Especially recipes.

You have two potatoes and an old pepper and a bag of spinach, ChatGPT will give you recipe ideas.

People will use it to write content.

Writers are in trouble.

But so are any service providers selling information in a sense.

Just imagine you can do therapy with ChatGPT and ask the bot questions. It has a repository of let’s say every book in the Library of Congress. It knows every story and every article from every medical journal. It can have a conversation with you in the style of your favorite author. And that’s just GPT 3.

When version 4 comes out, I want to be in a shelter with 6 months of food and all my Magnum PI videos ready to go and all my geolocators turned off.

I heard about 7 years ago that we are mostly going to be fish food for the robots and it’s already happening.

Here are some easy tactics to use Chat GPT more effectively.

If you have not heard of the new science of promptology, you will soon.

To get the most out of ChatGPT, you need to learn the syntax of how to have a conversation with the tool.

Remember that the AI is not a human being. It’s a software application NOT pretending to be a human.

Don’t say Please or Pls or Thank You. Just have the conversation and prompt it in the best way you can to coax the most exact response you are looking to achieve.

Below is a set of chat prompts to try.

  • Write a comprehensive guide to [topic].
  • Create an in-depth analysis of [topic].
  • Explain the benefits of [topic] in detail.
  • Describe the history of [topic] and its impact on [related field].
  • The text is long but I don’t like the repetitive writing style.

Use these prompts for SEO purposes.

  • Include H1, H2, H3.
  • Indicate relevant links.
  • Use specific named entities such as places and people.
  • Use specific keywords.
  • The text is long but I don’t like the repetitive writing style.

Here are some other phrases to try.

  • Let’s think step by step (This makes the AI think logically)
  • Thinking backwards (This can help if the AI keeps arriving at inaccurate conclusions.)
  • In the style of [famous person] (This will help match styles really well.)
  • As a [insert profession/role] – This helps frame the bot’s knowledge, so it knows what it knows—and what it doesn’t.

This page has a library of chat prompts.

  • Act as ‘Character’ from ‘Movie/Book/Anything’
  • Act as an Advertiser
  • Act as a Storyteller
  • Act as a Stand-up Comedian
  • Act as a Motivational Coach
  • Act as a Debater
  • Act as a Screenwriter
  • Act as a Novelist
  • Act as a Motivational Speaker