GV Explains ADA compliant website

GV Explains Website ADA Compliance in 2021

Avoid the risk of being sued for having a noncompliant website. Make sure your site is ADA compliant by following these steps.

GV Explains Core Web Vitals for SEO Rankings

GV Explains Core Web Vitals and Organic SEO Rankings

How are your organic SEO rankings going to be affected by the new Core Web Vitals page loading speed and usability U/X metrics that Google is introducing in June 2021?

GV Explains Page Loading Speeds

GV Explains Page Loading Speeds and SEO Rankings

If you are concerned about getting ranked on Google, you need to look at your website page loading speeds. Here’s why they matter.

HERO sections

GV Explains the Importance of Hero Section on a Website

One of the most important aspects of website design is catching the attention of the reader. Learn how the Hero banner section can be used to stop people in their tracks.