A man on the computer writing content for a website's home page.

Why Choosing the Right Content Writer Is Important

Writing effective content marketing is akin to being a tightrope walker. The writer must satisfy the almighty algorithm with the right number of keywords, effective meta descriptions, useful backlinks, well-structured internal links, and an ideal word count — among other essentials. But a blog can’t just be a dry list of keywords to shoot to …

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yelp reviews

Dealing with phony Yelp reviews

If you find a phony Yelp review, here are some steps you can take to get it removed from their system and ensure that your local SEO rankings efforts are not impacted negatively. Part of Yelp’s free software is Public Responses. You can view a report (For Free) Once reported.. We also recommend going back …

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A computer with an open log in page to a website hosting service that not only protects and stores important information but also helps with a website's overall speed.

What Is Website Hosting and Why Is It Important?

Every business needs a digital platform where customers can locate them through an online search, but many companies need help understanding how to start their websites. From hiring a web designer to writing clever sales copy, putting together a website can be complex and involves a few different moving pieces. However, you can’t do anything …

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