Instagram Engagement Problems?

Have you been affected by the Shadowban? Problem: We’ve noticed recently that many of our social media marketing clients have seen a deterioration in Instagram engagement to the point where activity has almost disappeared. We started doing some research to see what’s been causing this decline. Investigation: Here’s what we discovered. Instagram is heavily implementing[…]

18-Homepage-Elements-Final-Infographic-Header Image

18 Web Design Tactics To Rock Your Homepage

Struggling to decide what should go onto your homepage? There are many options for creating your homepage, however there is no perfect strategy. With a homepage content checklist, you can better understand key elements that should be included in piecing together a homepage that is designed to help you achieve your goals. There are many[…]

Choosing a Better Domain Name For Your Business

If you are getting ready to select a domain name, you should take into account some neuro-linguistic opportunities, SEO benefits and brand value. Let’s use an example domain of This URL contains three discrete messages sandwiched into the domain name that are designed to make an impact on Jim (and you) subconsciously and reinforce[…]

How To Attract The Right Prospects That Can Pay For Your Services.

If you have been reading the previous blog posts on the P6 recipe, then you will understand that if your goal is to get people to trust that you can deliver the goods [or services], you have to invest in goodwill and create an online identity that supports your brand. Present website visitors with an[…]

How To Win The Hearts of Prospects Time After Time.

For every savvy lawyer there are 10 other savvy lawyers who also have good domain names and good web copy. So the question is: “how do you get a leg up for your services business when there is serious competition in your space for marketing your type of firm online?” Here are two subtle things[…]

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