Better Email Prospecting for Clients with Animated GIFs

If you are prospecting for clients using emails, consider adding animated images inside your emails to increase your response rates.

Below is an example of a prospecting letter I am playing with that includes Animated GIFs my team created from YouTube videos. The question is if the animated GIFs will increase my response rates? Or is it a false signal if they do or don’t because I have to take into account the quality of the GIFs.

Hello Prospect

I’m Jason, one of the founders of Get Visible with offices in LA and Scottsdale. My business is simple. We get new clients for lawyers.
I was wondering if you had a few minutes to talk and see if your firm could use more business this year.

A little bit about us:

+ We get results. We plug into your law firm and get you steady new business, so you don’t have to worry about where your next client is coming from. The ROI on us is worth every penny. We are digital marketing mavens. Depending on your practice we can get you cases from top organic rankings, Google ads, LinkedIn or Facebook.

+ I used to be a CPA and lawyer. I know what it’s like to be on your side of the table. In the early 90’s, I passed the 4-part CPA exam and unlike Ben Affleck, I actually worked as a CPA for Kenneth Leventhal & Co. (#1 accounting firm for real estate) before leaving to graduate with honors from Fordham University Law School in New York City.

Ben Afflect from The Accountant Movie

+ We’re not a software company. Make no mistake, we leverage software applications all day long. But we do the hard manual work that is required to promote your law firm online. We roll up our sleeves and get your website ranked, your ads clicked on by the right people, and your social posts engaged. The result is more consistent and targeted lead opportunities for you.

+ I love what I do. My favorite thing in the world (aside from my wife, my 4 kids, and maybe the latest thriller novel) is growing business for clients. Call me a weirdo (I’ve heard worse), but I really do love this stuff.I made a quick overview video here, and you can check out our website here. Would you like to set up a quick call and see if we could help you bring in more new business to your law practice?

Get Visible Explainer Video
Jason Ciment

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