November 3, 2016

Our Visibility Process Methodology

To achieve success with a visibiltiy campaign, you need a team that can execute a proven process that has been custom tailored for your business and your industry. We say “proven process” because you should not be paying for someone to learn on your dime. Our two founders have more than 35 years experience promoting commercial websites. Michael and Jason have learned the hard way how to execute a winning plan for your business or organization.

You get the advantage of working with a full-service agency that knows design, marketing, business development and website programming. Our visibility solutions are scalable and will grow with your company at each stage of success.



  1. We first aggregate all the content assets (i.e. pages, files, photos and videos) you can supply. This information is then transformed into a sitemap (navigational site structure) outline and how pages will link to each other.
  2. We also review your website functionality requirements, design and style guides and brand specifications. We meet your team to learn about personal tastes and to gain insights into tribal knowledge of your industry.
  3. We do a competitive analysis of your key online competitors to assemble a best practices guide from similar sites. We also study the keyword phrases they are promoting which becomes part of our keyword library to be used in future blog and social media content.
  4. If we are designing a website, you will then receive Photoshop mockups of your entire website including font and color style guides behind all the choices that were made.

Messaging Review

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Traffic Review

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