Meet Our Visibility Team

Our team means everything to us. Who we employ reflects and defines the culture, process and environment we are creating internally and for our clients. We put an emphasis on working with dedicated and skilled people who are committed to upholding our values while striving to create new business opportunities for our clients.

Jason Ciment
Chief Executive Officer

A former attorney and CPA, Jason Ciment founded his first company in 1997. As Chief Executive Officer of the company, Jason oversees the business and works to ensure consistent and high-quality work on every project.

Jason makes it his goal to stay at the forefront of web design trends and Internet marketing technology opportunities.

His blog is a testament to his interest in ecommerce and web design and his extensive knowledge of Internet marketing tactics. On his blog and in his newsletter, Jason offers insight regarding the ins and outs of creating a successful website. Although he is personally involved in every project and in direct communication with every client, Jason focuses much of his efforts on the business development side of things for the Company.

Outside of the office, he enjoys reading historical fiction novels and thrillers, keeping up his involvement in communal and charitable projects and spending time with his wife and four children.

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Jane Chulew
Senior Project Manager

As a senior project manager, Jane Chulew organizes and outlines tasks for ongoing campaigns and prepares the projects to be launched.

She is responsible for the behind-the-scenes work that go into each project. Jane is proficient in search engine optimization and brings over eight years of SEO experience to our team.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree, Jane began her career by deploying content and social media exposure strategies for each of our clients. She has used her search engine optimization expertise to help clients increase their business with search engine popularity.

When Jane isn’t in the office, she spends her time running and skiing.

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Michael Moshkovich

As President of Get Visible, Michael Moshkovich is actively involved in every project and how it pertains to search engine optimization project.

He works directly with clients in modeling sites for optimal engagement and actively looks into multiple marketing tactics that can be utilized for each campaign initiative. He is responsible for the successful operation of every website.

Michael has over ten years of experience in the development and management of SEO projects. He continues to study the ever-changing marketing environment of search engine optimization in order to keep up on the most advanced strategies.

He has generated fantastic results for clients and their rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In his free time, Michael enjoys taking his two dogs to the dog park with his wife and kids.

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Anne Nauber
Head of Design

As the leading member of our creative design team, Anne is an expert when it comes to creating new websites and overhauling failed and poor performing websites. Anne has created sophisticated and advanced websites for many different clients ranging from the estate of Marlon Brando to local and national law firms and even an investment management company that has been servicing the entertainment community for more than 40 years.

After moving to Los Angeles from England and Germany (where she was born and received her degree in media design), Anne has brought Get Visible to a new level of productivity, efficiency and flair in the arena of website design. With a versatile and wide-ranging experience including the creation of brochures, logos, newsletters and more, she has now been working in web site design for a number of years in London and Los Angeles. Her career path has enabled her to provide design solutions for a number of companies specializing in different fields and areas of expertise.

When Anne is not designing, you can find her exploring the wonders of Los Angeles with friends or relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun.

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Kinsey Hannappel
Social Media Content Director

As the head of Social Marketing team, Kinsey manages our social media marketing and pay-per-click social advertising efforts. Her mandate as expected is to drive meaningful and measurable ROI results through both traffic channels. Kinsey has a unique affinity to Facebook promotions and spends a lot of time testing different engagement models through similar social channels.

Kinsey graduated from Arizona State University where she studied Business and Exercise & Wellness. On her off time, she enjoys various outdoor activities such as hiking and bike riding, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Alex Gambino
SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist, Alex’s responsibility is to increase or maintain the rankings of each of our clients’ websites. He specializes in ensuring that their sites continue to maintain top rankings on Google and Bing search engine results pages for targeted keywords. The majority of his efforts are focused on managing the complex orchestration of content topic strategizing, link building, and other constantly evolving SEO tactics.

Alex is a graduate of Arizona State University where he studied Communication and Media Analysis. He brings with him a fresh perspective on Internet Marketing, and is constantly reading up on SEO strategies in order to current with the industry.

When he’s not working, Alex spends his free time exploring the local music scene, spending time with his family and friends, and keeping active with his dog, Benson.

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Jordan Schuster
PPC Marketing Manager

Jordan is our PPC enthusiast living and working in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. He seeks to inject empathy into every project along with understanding our clients’ needs no matter what the industry focus. His work ethic echoes the efforts he makes at understanding each of his client’s business driver so can do a better job optimizing the PPC campaigns for effective and positive ROI results per campaign.

Jordan has worked at local agencies in Arizona, including Zion & Zion, The Lavidge Company, Digital Air Strike, and Knockout Gaming. When not working, he roughhouses with his two small dogs, Kingsley and Chevy, and enjoys the outdoors. Jordan is also engaged to his Fiancee Lindsay with an upcoming wedding in March of 2017.

Jamie Schmelling
Social Media Specialist

As Social Media Specialist, Jamie works closely with our clients’ social media properties to attract and interact with targeted users and specific communities within the digital atmosphere. Jamie’s goal is to progressively attain superior customer engagement, revenue enhancement, and website traffic growth by advantageously exploiting multiple facets of the social media marketing roadmap. Jamie works with both paid and unpaid social efforts across many social platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Jamie graduated from Arizona State University with a Communications Degree and a minor in Media Analysis. When she’s not working, Jamie loves going up North with friends. When she stays in town, she likes to get drinks at the new local spots in Phoenix.

Kelly Roberts
Digital Marketing Manager

As a Digital Marketing Manager, Kelly wears many hats. Whether she is working on influencer outreach, local search, or strategizing new content for clients’ websites, Kelly aims to tackle all of her projects with an innovative approach. She enjoys working closely with clients to increase traffic and engagement and to achieve measurable results.

Kelly was born and raised in Chicago, but spent four years living in England before she moved to Arizona. She holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Psychology, and a Masters in International Fashion Business. In her free time, Kelly enjoys hiking, exploring Arizona and hanging out with friends.

Leah Ulibarri
Design & Marketing Specialist

As a Design & Marketing Specialist, Leah’s responsibility is to coordinate and maintain our client’s brand identities among user generated content. She takes pride in having an eye for detail to ensure our clients’ brand identities are consistent across multiple consumer generated channels. She works alongside multiple teams curating content and with her background in graphic design, visually brings ideas to life in a graphically pleasing way.

Leah is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Arizona in 2013. She is a graduate of The Art Institute of Phoenix. She has freelanced with various small retail businesses in the Phoenix area and through her experience adds a fresh creative perspective in both marketing and design.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, shopping, painting, cuddling with her cat and planning future travel destinations.

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